By The Way, On The Michelle Odinet Situation…

…Robert Handy was the attempted burglar who invaded Judge Odinet’s property and, before he was tackled and held by members of the Odinet family, broke into her car.

Possibly attempting to steal the vehicle, if not pilfer whatever was inside.

While everybody in Louisiana has tied themselves in knots over the outrage that Michelle Odinet might have said a word which appears ubiquitously in corporate entertainment media and has for decades, outrage which has resulted in the judge now taking an unpaid leave of absence from a position to which she was elected by 57 percent of the electorate in Lafayette, Robert Handy was quietly turned loose on his own recognizance.

Lafayette Sheriff Mark Garber took his picture and let him go. He’s free as a bird after he burgled the property of a sitting judge.

So far as we can tell we’re the only place on the internet expressing concern that Louisiana judges aren’t safe in their own homes from the predations of criminals. Everybody else is wetting themselves that a white woman said the “N-word” in a panic while she was becoming a victim of a crime.

In Philadelphia, while law enforcement has broken down utterly amid a George Soros-backed district attorney refusing to prosecute most crimes, a 14-year-old boy working at a pizzeria his family owns shot a robber in the face as that robber attempted to rifle through the cash register while choking the boy’s mother.

Which is the logical conclusion of the current madness. If our political class, including the Lafeyette City Marshall and a state senator from that city, as well as the blustering tyrant who occupies the Governor’s Mansion, wants to spend all its time demanding that Michelle Odinet be canceled for uttering a commonly-used word which is found all over your television dial rather than discussing the explosion of crime in our state, we will become Philadelphia.


The lesson to Michelle Odinet is not to say a word. It’s to unholster a firearm and shoot Robert Handy square between the eyes.

But to do it in silence.

Because if law enforcement won’t enforce the law, and if political leadership would rather give scolding quotes to newspapers than seek solutions to the crime explosion, then ordinary people will do what’s necessary.

This state’s political class coddles criminals, perhaps because it’s made up of criminals. The money stolen in state agencies and at that capitol dwarfs anything Robert Handy might have found in Michelle Odinet’s vehicle. No wonder they’d rather talk about what a racist she is than how law and order has broken down in Louisiana.



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