BLANCO: Bull! And Not Just the Connor Kind

As I listened to Pendejoe’s press conference I thought the exact same thing most of you thought – What the hell is he babbling on about now?  Two hours of bloviating about what an awesome job he’s been doing and how we should be thankful for his greatness. Sure, Trump did the same thing, and Obama did the same thing before Trump, Bush before Obama, and on and on until we get to Adams following Washington. The difference is unlike 46, the previous presidents actually had victories to tout.

It was just a press conference, no different than the thousands of Presidential press conferences that happened before. It seems like, at least for a while, President Trump had one every day. But this one was supposed to be special. In a way, it was, and not just because it marked the last day of his first year, thus giving us cause to celebrate that his Presidency is 1/4 over.

It was supposed to be Biden’s great reset. It was supposed to turn Biden’s fortunes around. It was supposed to reinstate the public’s confidence in Pendejoe. What we’ll get is that somebody in the White House will probably be pursuing a new career before week’s end. Perhaps the only person who popped champagne bottles after the press conference is Jimmy Carter in celebration that he was no longer the worst President in almost two centuries.

It was two hours of Biden taking credit, passing blame, and telling us the problems that we are having is just our imagination.  He told us how his administration created more jobs than any President in history, which anybody can look around at our economy and see that we are not even back to pre-pandemic levels of employment, those jobs he “created” are actually existing jobs that are finally being filled.

Has a president ever done so much to put so many people out of work?

One could argue that Trump did, I suppose, but you’d have to ignore the fact that the virus didn’t start in the United States and didn’t affect only the United States. But the people who put themselves at risk to keep things moving so cowards can stay home and play Xbox while fantasizing that they are the next Che Guevara now have it demanded that they get vaccinated so the cowards can feel safe to leave their momma’s basement.

Something struck me during Pendejoe’s press conference, Pride comes before the fall, and Pendejoe can’t admit that he’s imperfect in any way. Sure, he’ll take “responsibility” only to quickly follow up by telling you how it’s actually other people’s fault. He tells you what he thinks you want to hear, but a leader tells you what you need to hear.

While the braggart-in-chief overestimates his ability, he downplays Russia’s ability to invade Ukraine, suggesting Russia wouldn’t fully invade Ukraine because the United States is too powerful – while at the same time prattling about “minor incursions” and allowing that Putin “has to do something.” It struck me as a recipe for disaster when we over- estimate our abilities while at the same time underestimating our adversaries. There’s been many underdogs who achieved victory for this very reason.

On COVID, his great solution was a major surprise, get “vak su nate ed.” Shocker. He’s a one-trick pony whose only solution came from the Trump administration.

It is that pathetic, in fact so much so it deserves repeating. His only solution to COVID came from Trump’s administration.


Other great ideas included sending out a one free single-use N95 mask to the American public and free at-home test kits.

At this point Biden should just start declaring victory over COVID for two reasons, First, the Omicron variant is weak enough that 99.99% of unvaccinated will survive, and when viruses mutate, they typically get weaker. On the other hand, there are still Americans who remain unvaccinated, and millions of people in the world. Do you know how much money Pfizer and Moderna can make off that? I’m sure there’s some greedy people in Washington D.C. that want their fair share of that cut. At least they certainly act like it’s in their financial best interests more than in the public’s best interest. Otherwise, they’d be scouring for alternative solutions other than being a one trick vaccine pony.

He denied that he compared people to Bull Connor as if he wasn’t calling them Bull Connor. Then he went on and angrily said that he was only saying that if you’re on the side of Bull Connor, you’re not Bull Connor, you’ll just be remembered like he is. In other words, you’re a racist.

Imagine that, if you support Voter ID, you’re a racist. Requiring ID to vote is racist. Requiring ID to buy cigarettes is racist. Requiring ID to buy alcohol is racist. Requiring a license to drive is racist. Requiring a vaccine passport ID is racist. Why? Because in a non-racist Democrat view – Minorities are either too stupid or too poor to be able to get an ID.  Also in their view, a violent group of hooded white people called Antifa are good people. Unfortunately, in a follow up question it was asked if Biden understands why African Americans aren’t buying into it, saying that Biden is neglecting the concerns of the black community while using this as cover. What did anybody expect from the man who once called integration of schools “racial jungles,” and was called out several times during the primaries for his racist past?

The front end of the press conference was loaded up with favorable questions from the water carrying media and even those questions went largely answered with gibberish that didn’t have much to do with the question. He often got lost in his answers which one has to wonder if that wasn’t by design in order to get people to tune out before the hard questions came. It was as if Pendejoe ate his magical ice cream that causes brain freeze to the listener. I know my head hurt after listening to him for 2 hours.

The best thing from that press conference was that it marks the end of his first year. However, it was a special press conference, one that made clear Pendejoe’s brain resembles our grocery stores- fresh out of ideas.



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