GURVICH: How’d Joe Biden Do In His First Year?

It is being remarked upon by commentators across the country that today marks the one year anniversary of the presidency of Joe Biden. By the lights of the great majority of Americans, this is not an occasion to celebrate. Quite frankly, one does not have to be a staunch right-wing Republican to find fault, or should I say many, many faults, with him and his tottering administration.

Now it is well-known that Joe Biden, acting under the sway of the progressive wing of the Democrat Party, has attempted to “remake” America in the first year of his presidency. This is in spite of the fact that he was never elected with a mandate to make such an attempt.

Quite the contrary, he was “elected” by the narrowest of margins and then only by having his operatives disguise many hundreds of millions of private dollars, the “Zuckerbucks” furnished by several left-leaning billionaires, as COVID election assistance. Of course, once the money was selectively dolled out, it was promptly diverted by Democrat operatives and public election officials to help turn out the Democrat vote.

And as soon as he took office, Joe Biden proceeded to violate an informal but long-standing rule of presidential politics- never attempt to make great political changes without a very strong and very clear mandate to do so. Every single one of the far-left progressive hacks swarming around Joe Biden was well aware of this cardinal rule, but chose to willfully ignore it and thereby further divide the country. The result shows in the epic drop in Joe Biden’s poll numbers, a predicament that he richly deserves!

Take only a few recent examples of his failures: The botched attempt to pass the Build Back Better “infrastructure” bill (actually a hidden social spending bill of monstrous proportions), at a time when we were already suffering from the highest inflation in forty years. Or his unconstitutional attempt to have the federal government take the handling of elections away from the states, which have been responsible for our elections since the founding of this republic. (Never, ever forget that awful Georgia speech, wherein he accused tens of millions of his fellow Americans of being racists.) And don’t forget his abysmal performance in Afghanistan, which will damage America’s standing in the world for decades to come.


Add to these obvious failures the fact that the country is now more deeply riven that at any time since the Civil War, and you can only just begin to see the extent of the damage caused by the failings and ineptitude of this one man. Perhaps you believe that these failings are due to Joe Biden’s lack of talent for the job, or to his advanced age? You would be partly correct, but only partly.

You see, Joe Biden suffers from a far more serious deficit than mere old age or lack of talent. Harken back to his law school days and the instances wherein he was caught cheating. Recall his early and middle years in the United States Senate of the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s, as he plagiarized his speeches and consorted with segregationists, some of whom were former Klansmen, while bragging about it. Note the lack of meaningful legislation to show for his many decades in the Senate, and the mafia-like pay for play schemes which always seem to surround the Biden family.

No, the real problem is moral, but if Joe Biden is not going to pay the price for his misdeeds in this world, we surely shall.


Republican Party of Louisiana



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