BLANCO: Dear Pendejoe, Here’s What This Republican Is For

Last week, Pendejoe asked what do Republicans support? There are a lot of things Republicans are for, but it is so disappointing that he doesn’t know. I’m not a Democrat, but I know what they are for simply because I am engaged enough in politics to understand the position of the Democrats, even if I disagree with them. Perhaps the President should try listening instead of cramming his extremist wish list down the throats of every American. So, since he asked…

Dear Pendejoe,

I can’t speak for every Republican, but I can speak for myself. The Republican party is for free thinking and is not monolithic like the other major political party. Since you asked what Republicans are for, allow me to tell you what I, as a Republican, am for.

I am for reducing the tax burden on all Americans. God only asks for 10%, if that’s greed, then what do you call it when the government demands and takes 15% or more of what a person earns? Theft? I’m for people keeping more of what they’ve earned. I believe by doing so, people will spend that money, create more demand, which in turn creates more jobs. More people with jobs in the end will actually increase government revenue. Increasing taxes removes money from the economy, shrinking the economy, and ultimately leading to diminishing returns or even less tax revenue for the government. I’m for reducing the tax burden on people, and not discriminating against people based on their earnings.

I’m for secure borders. I harbor no ill will to people from other countries, in fact, I welcome them. I would support an exchange program where Americans who hate this country can volunteer to trade places with people who want to come to America. However, I do not believe every single person in the world is a good decent person who would do us no harm, and it is for this reason that I want the people coming to be vetted. I’m for good people coming to the country, I’m for keeping those who would do harm to us out.

I’m for freedom of speech. Those who give sanctuary to lies do so by silencing the truth. Those who favor the truth understand its power and therefor do not fear the lies. Let people speak and the truth will rise above the lies.

I’m for reducing crime. It is inaccurate to say poverty causes crime. Would you say that Jeffrey Epstein and Hunter Biden are not capable of being criminals due to their wealth? Likewise, the vast majority of poor people do their best to obey the law. Too many of our poorest citizens are being held hostage in their neighborhoods by the criminal element and the politicians who defend those criminals disguising it as compassion.

I’m for a person’s right to self-defense, to defend their home, their property, and their persons. The Right of self-defense becomes increasingly necessary when too many politicians protect those dangerous criminals- letting them riot in the streets, burning down businesses, and killing people’s loved ones.

I’m for keeping our military strong and ready. We achieve peace by being prepared for war. Likewise, weakness begs for war.

I’m for the individual’s right to pursue happiness. The more government interferes in people’s life, the more it deprives them their pursuit of happiness.

I’m for medical freedom. That doctors and patients have confidentiality. That patients can seek alternative medicines. If a patient chooses to pursue Ivermectin, Marijuana, or Holistic medicines to cure their sickness, then that’s their right.

I’m for decent roads. This is a basic function of government, written in section 8, article 1 of the United States Constitution. It’s a primary duty of government to keep the roads passable. That duty is not intended to be a prop to excuse reckless spending.

I’m for Senators representing their respective states, and congress representing their respective districts, not a political party. While I disagree with many of Manchin and Sinema’s positions, it is not my place to badger and harass them, especially since I am not a constituent of theirs.


I am for equal treatment under the law. I’m for our laws to be used to keep peace and to prosecute violent criminals. It is not meant to be used to target political enemies, to create mayhem in peaceful protests, or target congressmen who may differ on a political issue.

I’m for judging a person on their character, their work ethic, their personality, not their skin color, gender, sexuality, or even their financial status.

I’m for schools being focused on teaching children math, literacy, history, and other basic educational needs. I am against watering their basic education down to make room for political propaganda.

I’m for being proud of the country I live in. For all its fault, there is no other country I’d rather live in than the United States. If there was another country that I would rather live in, I’d do this country a proper courtesy and move out.

I’m for the freedom of religion. Since our Rights come from God, not the government, it’s important for people to maintain the Right to acknowledge God- that is, unless one wishes to deprive people of their gift of Rights from God.

I’m for seeing the many different solutions to problems instead of having a narrow one-solution-fits-all mentality. This may be because my brain actually works and is capable of absorbing more than one solution.

You see, Pendejoe, Republicans are for a lot of things. The problem isn’t that Republicans aren’t for things, the problem is that you don’t even know. Republicans are for a lot of things that we believe that will improve Americans lives. It’s pathetic that you are leading the country and can’t name one single thing that half the country is for. To not know is an indication of your unwillingness to listen to other ideas. To say you don’t know what Republicans are for is to declare your unwillingness to engage in a conversation.

If you really were interested in knowing what Republicans were for, perhaps you would have spent the first year of your presidency communicating directly with elected Republicans instead of expecting the obedient members of the media to carry your water and beating your own party members into shape should they step out of line.


A Republican


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