BLANCO: On That Unbelievable January Jobs Report

Let’s give Pendejoe a round of applause for that January jobs report and recognize that November and December numbers were revised to include more jobs created. Amazing, the economy recovered just like that. In fact, January’s report outpaced expectations by three times.

It’s unbelievable.

In fact, it really is unbelievable. Still, let’s give Pendejoe and the Democrats full credit for the state of the economy. It’s amazing. They are so smart; I might have to retire the term Pendejoe. What an amazing job. Wow! Stupendous!

Except I don’t buy it.

Not even a little bit.

I think of a quote by Thomas Jefferson “We are now taught to believe that legerdemain tricks upon paper can produce as solid wealth as hard labor in the earth. It is vain for common sense to urge that nothing can produce nothing.” I remember during the Obama administration the jobs reports would come out and then revised down a couple of weeks later. It seemed to constantly happen. The numbers would be positive and well publicized then quietly announced they weren’t as good as promoted.  While it kept people from focusing on the slow growth of the economy, the numbers stayed rooted in reality.

There’s something wrong with these numbers and it seems to me more related to Pendejoe’s low poll numbers and not based in reality. In socialist countries, the dictators always sang about how wonderful everything was working fine and what an example to the world their respective country was and had members of the media covering up for them. Think Nobel laureate Walter Duranty actively denying the starvation of Ukrainians in the pages of the New York Times. Still to this day people want his award to be revoked.


Fortunately for the world, there always seems to be some member of the press who hold their sole loyalty to the truth and often remain unsung heroes of freedom.  Likewise, investors care about the truth over political parties, and manage their money accordingly. It is also true in households, when people are worried about their neighbor’s economic well-being, their politics holds up, but when they are worried about their own personal economy, the well-being of their neighbors is irrelevant. Pendejoe certainly should expect a shift in the poll numbers, but if people aren’t feeling it, that shift won’t happen.

What Pendejoe and his party can’t afford is to get busted in lies and it seems that they can’t be honest with anything. Senate hearings of this administration is loaded with the same run out the clock answers (thank you for the senator question let me give you more words that are irrelevant to run out your time). It’s obviously meant to hide the truth and not be transparent. Ned Price getting called out by Matt Lee about lack of proof coming from the White House.



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