VIDEO: Kennedy Asks Whether Biden Thinks Inflation “Originated In A Bat”

In his Senate floor remarks last night, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) called out President Biden over inflation. “Inflation’s not complicated,” he said. “It’s too much money chasing too few goods.”

He noted that Biden’s American Recovery Act, billed as a coronavirus bill, wasn’t a coronavirus bill but a runaway spending spree he likened to “stuffing more diapers down the toilet.”

“We have all this liquidity which leads to inflation, and the Biden administration won’t take responsibility.”

Jimmy Carter got annihilated by Ronald Reagan in 1980 for numbers like the ones Biden’s economy is now generating, and America went on decade-long winning streak after Reagan was able to sort out Carter’s mess.

We can’t tell you that’s definitely what’s coming in 2024. What we can say is we’re about to get another shot.


One of the points I’m making in The Revivalist Manifesto is that we’re overdue for a major change in the political consensus in this country, because what happens in Washington is far too divorced from the experience of people in “flyover territory.” That can’t stand. The public is actually trying to tell the ruling elite that we’ve had enough – that’s how you get the Tea Party movement and MAGA on the Republican side and Occupy Wall Street and Bernie Sanders on the Left. Some of the complaints, from movements which are diametrically opposite ideologically, are almost identical.

But Joe Biden, the personification of our useless ruling elite and the DC swamp in which it resides, isn’t capable of addressing that.

The good news is at least we have a few people like John Kennedy who can call out the oppressive clowns running the country for what they are. Good for Kennedy and thanks to him for that, and here’s hoping he wins the biggest electoral blowout of all the Senate races this fall.



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