BLANCO: Pink Hat Policy And Historical Perspective

The crisis in Ukraine has me thinking about some other things in history. The old saying is those who don’t know their history, which unfortunately includes a number of those who make policy in this country, are doomed to repeat it. We are watching history in some ways repeat itself, in other ways, come very close.

The first was a little incident during WWI. Russia was caught up in the great war just as almost every country in the world was. While German forces were bogged down in trenches on both the Western and Eastern fronts, Germany concocted an idea to get Russia out of the war. This idea is to start a revolution in Russia forcing the Russian forces to retreat and fight against the Revolution.

Crazy idea, right? So crazy it might just work. In fact, it did. The Kaiser gave Lenin money to build up his revolution and when Lenin returned to Russia, he got together with his friend Josef Stalin. After raising enough support, the revolution was launched. Unfortunately for the Czars, the troops were all sent to the Eastern Front and before they could react, Lenin and Stalin had successfully captured the Kremlin before the troops could even leave the front lines. It was a rout of the sitting government.

It worked so well that Germany decided to offer Mexico finances to launch a war against the United States. The goal was to bog the United States down in a war with Mexico that they would not get involved in the European front. That message was intercepted and brought to the attention of the United States. Instead of making America distracted with their own war, Germany’s plan completely backfired and pulled the U.S. into the European front.

This is a bit of Russian history that you would think Vladimir Putin would understand, after all, it is the history of his country. Except Putin recently went on television to explain his own version of history. While most of us know history because we can see how it pieces together, dictatorships have their own versions of history that fit their agenda. Do you think Lenin and Stalin wrote the history books to show how they took over the Kremlin while the Russian soldiers were on the Eastern Front? It serves as more advantageous to show the people rose up and crushed the Red Army. While growing up under the Socialist rule, history that was taught to children was inaccurate but served the interest of the communist party. It could be that he’s always been taught that Russia was superior in nature and their only losses come when they were cheated by American capitalism.

But if Putin doesn’t know the true Revolutionary history, he could very well end up committing the vast majority of his troops to Ukraine. That’s not to say that it will happen, it’s just something to be mindful of as Putin is forced to escalate things in Ukraine. As Putin commits more troops to Ukraine, the more vulnerable Russia becomes. His army isn’t that strong as we are discovering. Perhaps there will be an uprising of Russians while the soldiers are in Ukraine.

One great mistake Putin is making is the indiscriminate bombing of civilians in the Ukraine. While we are appalled at such cruelty, the same exact thing happened in London. Soon after taking the Prime Minister position, Winston Churchill gave his famous speech “We shall never surrender“. Despite having declared war on Hitler, Chamberlain still took the wait and see approach until he had no choice but to step down in disgrace- fear is contagious. Churchill was moving and building up the English forces and when he took the P.M. was in a better position to fight the war.

By the time Hitler was turning his focus onto England, Churchill had secured the English Channel preventing a land assault by an inferior German Navy. Hitler decided to break the spirit of the English people, bombing them so heavily that they would demand England surrender to the Germans. The Battle of Britain began in 1940 with Germany relentlessly sending the Luftwaffe bombing the nation in a massive display of German military superiority. And when Hitler offered Churchill the opportunity to surrender, he rejected it.

For what it was worth, while London was being bombed indiscriminately, Churchill was often out in the streets making himself visible to the Brits and the rest of the world – Courage inspires.


I can’t help but to think would Ukraine have held up following Pendejoe Chamberlain’s lead against Russia? Even with his recent reactions in the past couple of days over sending Migs to Ukraine via Poland shows fear of a Russian military that is proving to be much weaker than anybody anticipated. Pendejoe needs to put on one of those knitted pink hats that were popular among leftist women just a few years ago.

Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, has been very much channeling Winston Churchill, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight in the hills, we shall never surrender, and he’s been very visible while the area around him is being bombed. Zelensky’s leadership is willing Ukraine to victory, or at least a stalemate – courage is inspirational.

And while the rest of the world rallies to Ukraine, Pendejoe will support Ukraine only as long as it doesn’t offend Putin.  And therein lies the major problem with this administration.

They’ve taken “wokeness” to the international level. Let’s not offend criminal leaders or cruel dictators. Let’s focus on punishing our allies and good leaders to ensure we don’t offend the bad guys.

It’s okay that Putin bombs children’s hospitals in Ukraine. It’s okay they attack nuclear power plants, it’s okay they indiscriminately kill innocent civilians…. what’s important here is that we don’t offend Putin. It seems that the Biden administration, though refusing to get the U.S. involved, seems to involve the U.S. in order to protect Putin’s actions. It’s as if Pendejoe is too scairt to offend Putin.  Anybody want to knit Pendejoe a hat out of pink yarn?



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