GURVICH: A Successful Veto Session; What Does It Mean?

Yesterday, in a historic special session, the Louisiana legislature overrode Governor John Bel Edwards’ veto of its congressional redistricting plan. It thereby reinstated a good plan similar to the one the state had been using since 2011. Although the revived  plan must still pass muster in the courts (where it will likely be upheld), the legislature has successfully completed its redistricting work and come up with as fair and common sense a plan as the Voting Rights Act would allow.

This is a great victory by any measure, and our legislators are to be commended for their work. However, this victory may be even greater than we suppose. Our legislature, which was elected by Louisiana’s largely conservative electorate, has finally come into its own and done the people’s will. After a six-year nightmare under John Bel Edwards’ administration, during which the cost of governing Louisiana has relentlessly increased even as our population has declined and our infrastructure has crumbled, there is at last reason for hope.

To sum up what has happened, our legislature has asserted its independence from a so-called “moderate” Democrat governor presiding over a totally inept administration dominated by woke progressives who detest the people they serve. Hoorah for the victory, and let us hope and pray that the tide has turned and we may expect ever greater wins from our legislators going forward.

And we are very much in need of those legislators who are guided by the fiscal prudence and common sense which a conservative political outlook provides. While the state’s coffers are now filled to overflowing with freshly printed federal COVID funds, this money will soon run out. One time funds carelessly expended on wasteful and ever-expanding programs which never go away will not be available in future years when our debt explodes, which it surely must. No doubt this future “fiscal cliff” will provide the excuse for some aspiring Democrat to call for a major tax increase which Louisiana cannot afford.


Now is the time to make the wise choices to channel future expenditures into roads and other infrastructure projects, sensible social programs with proven results, and debt repayments. Out-of-control departments and programs must be reined in without delay, and progressive experiments in social engineering ended without apology. Underperforming bureaucrats and administrators must be sent packing regardless of their political affiliation.

Only then will government spending once again become controllable, and only then will the public regain trust in its government. But an important milestone in achieving these goals was reached yesterday. Well done!


Republican Party of Louisiana



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