APPEL: Freedom And Morality Necessarily Go Hand In Hand

I suppose one benefit of age is to be able to look back over the decades. Unfortunately, my perception is that over the decades we have methodically exchanged our moral compass for the faux promises of progressive-think, and that has meant we are surrendering our freedom and our future.

It is not that I am puritanical, you could hardly say that. It is not that I see society through the lens of religion, though I do subscribe to the significance of Judeo-Christian ethics to American success and prestige. No, to me it simply appears that Western society has decided that its proper definition of freedom is based upon the abandonment of traditional morality. That what is good for the whole must be subjugated to what’s good for the individual, no matter the cost to moral idealism.

Let me cite an example. Civilization has survived because the family was the basic unit of society. From the family came economic stability, education, ethics, morality, and peace.

Today, driven by liberal elites and the Leftist media and entertainment industry, all adherents to every -ism conceivable and -phobia they can conjure up, the family is derided as an intrusion on personal freedom. In its place we are now being expected to accept broken families as the norm, not the exception, resulting in massive numbers of children born into homes without fathers. The inevitable outcome, a breakdown in society through seemingly unconquerable social ills.

Let me be clear, Western society depends on strong family units, not the concept that some primal village is its substitute. Our own current history clearly demonstrates that the liberal vision of communal social aggregation with government as the father figure is a direct precursor to the breakdown of an orderly society as defined by thousands of years of human history.

Modern liberals refuse to concede that the upending of traditional Western social principles has led to so much social malaise. Instead, they demand that we expand our debt slavery as government, through massive spending, tries desperately to address the social cancer that it has brought on by salving the symptoms instead of correcting the causes.

Ironically, the negative outcomes of misguided spending has to a great extent been the instrument that has unleashed our condition. Dating to the liberal policies of FDR and then LBJ, government spending has literally propelled the breakup of families by underwriting the substitution of government for the family unit.


Liberal academics and politicians continue to dredge up every concept possible to justify their misguided philosophy, even as they ignore the obvious. Today, spurred on by a media giving credibility to Marxist advocates as they deride family unity as an evil of some kind of white supremacy, we have become desensitized to the demand for the abandonment of the sanctity of the family.

Don’t want to believe me? That’s fine, but the results are there for all to see. Poverty, crime, failed education, all symptoms of our blindly accepting liberal redirection from traditional morality. The decline of Western civilization may literally hinge on the passion of the people recognize and overthrow the machinations of the liberal Left’s efforts to “reset” the American Way. “Equity”, “fairness”, “it takes a village” … all code words for the effort to unravel American society in order to remake it into the likeness of a collective paradise that has never, and never can, exist.

The promises of the Declaration of Independence, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, were not just catchy words. They were crafted in a time when American morality was far more about the good of the whole, than the comfort of the individual. And the good of the whole is exactly what we have abandoned.

No, I am not a Puritan. I am a huge proponent of individual freedom, but my definition is based on freedom being attainable only in a society that underpins the opportunity to enjoy freedom within the context of the whole. And that context requires its foundation be supported by a strong moral fiber and traditional American values.



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