What Did Obama’s White House Visit Mean For The Future?

Yesterday, Barack Obama returned to his old “fundamental transformation” stomping grounds at the White House, and the American people got a terrific glimpse into what’s really going on behind the scenes of the Biden administration.

Namely, who really runs the place. Because it isn’t Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden was mocked on Tuesday after former President Barack Obama ignored him at a White House reception.

Upon Obama completing his speech about healthcare in which he mentioned himself 33 times, attendees encircled the jovial Obama at the reception. The former president had not visited the White House in five years.

Biden, in contrast, appeared to wander around looking for someone or for something to do. The video shows Biden staring from afar at the crowd surrounding Obama. Biden then turns away with a sour look on his face and doddered off alone.

Later during the meet and greet, Biden again tries to get Obama’s attention. With concern on his face, Biden reaches over Vice President Kamala Harris and grabs Obama’s shoulder from behind, appearing to try to turn Obama towards himself.

The video shows Biden saying something to Obama that was ignored. Instead, Obama continued speaking with the guests while Biden looked on with a frown, seemingly confused about being unnoticed as president of the United States.

Here’s the video. Make sure you watch it, because you’ve never seen anything like this and it’s a good bet you’ll never see it again with the President of the United States…

But there’s another clip even more revealing than that one…

The title for the occupant of the White House used to be Mr. President. Now it’s Mr. Irrelevant. The mask is off, and now there’s no hiding the fact that Joe Biden is not running America.

In that second clip you can clearly see that it’s Obama and his people pulling the strings. Biden’s handlers, after all – Ron Klain, Susan Rice, Jake Sullivan, etc. – are old Obama minions recycled into this administration. If you don’t think the real decisions are being made in Kalorama or Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard, or wherever Barack lays his head at night, then you’ll have a hard time explaining what happened at the White House yesterday.

Tucker Carlson dived into this last night. His theory is that Biden’s time is drawing to a close and yesterday’s events clearly signal that…

All of this is quite plausible, of course. After all, two weekends ago Biden’s handlers put him on a plane to Poland and in the space of 36 hours he made three separate gaffes which could well have started a war. Then he came home and (1) refused to walk any of them back after his staff had already done so, plus (2) he let it slip that we were training Ukrainian troops in Poland, which made for a fourth gaffe which could have potentially started a war.

Ever since, you can see the walls begin to close in on Biden, as Carlson documented last night. By Friday of last week Biden was mumbling and slurring about trans kids, something which would appear to be politically suicidal.

Nobody wants this. Democrat voters don’t want this. Some 52 percent of Florida Democrats favor that state’s anti-grooming bill Biden and his press flack Jen Psaki, who’s leaving the sinking ship for a job at MSNBC soon, can’t stop trashing.

So why did it happen?

Because Biden isn’t playing to the American people right now. He’s playing to the Democrat power base. He’s desperate to show them something, to induce them to stick with him a little longer.

The body language from Obama’s visit is an indication that Biden’s transmumbling didn’t work.

But this brings up a problem, and it’s not one Team D can solve very easily.

Because if a move were to be made on Biden, right now that would mean Kamala Harris gets to be the new puppet in the White House. And that’s a problem. People get that Biden is decrepit and senile and that’s why he says the stupid things he says; it should be terrifying but in some sense it makes him seem harmless. But how do you excuse this?

Mindless word salads are all she’s capable of delivering at the moment. What you’re facing is the real prospect of going from the frying pan to the fire in the event Biden were to be dumped in favor of Harris. Public polling of her approval is nothing short of disastrous – it’s even worse than Biden’s.

And with a federal grand jury set to deliver an indictment of Hunter Biden soon, something which will be fatal to Joe Biden’s presidency almost no matter how you want to analyze it (there’s a report out there that the grand jurors are asking witnesses who the “Big Guy” is regarding those messages on Hunter’s laptop), there is a timer ticking right now.

And of course the clock is also ticking until the midterm elections, in which the Democrats are going to lose both the House and Senate majorities – quite decisively, it appears more and more. The November elections and the power turnover on Capitol Hill in January they’re most likely to produce make for something of a deadline.

So here’s the dilemma for the Powers That Be, or for Obama as the puppetmaster of this poor marionette show if you prefer.

You can do nothing and try to ride it out with Biden and Harris until 2024. Up until his Poland trip that seemed like the most likely scenario, but it’s one that it doesn’t seem there’s much confidence in anymore. Doing that carries a lot of risk – Biden is almost sure to get worse, which might produce a gaffe that really does start a war. Or maybe he loses what’s left of his mind and essentially becomes an invalid like Woodrow Wilson at the end of his presidency. It’s hard to imagine that could carry on for more than two years until the 2024 elections under any circumstances, and the political damage that would do to the Democrats would be catastrophic.

Or you could move Biden out.

There are two scenarios to that. First, you could move him out and turn the presidency over to Harris. That’s the cleanest way to go, but the cackling word-salad shooter with rafts full of refugees from her staff telling horror stories of what it’s like to work for her just screams “disaster in the making” as president. Harris taking over could literally put her party in an existential free-fall by 2024, and everyone knows it. Everywhere they send her it’s a mess, and what’s more, Biden’s people and Harris’ people – at least the ones who haven’t already run away screaming – don’t get along. She’s not seen as a great team player, so what happens if you move Biden to make her president and then she decides to boot all the Obamites out?

Which might mean that Harris has to be packed off, perhaps to some sinecure as a college president or head of some think tank at a million dollars a year, and a new VP brought in.


This is the scenario in which Hillary Clinton’s name has been mentioned. Bring her in to replace Harris, and then bounce Biden to make Clinton president.

The problem with that is Hillary Clinton has all the same physical and legal problems Biden does, and what’s more she and Obama don’t get along that well either. Everybody knows that if you put Hillary Clinton in the White House she’s going to bring all of her cronies with her. You get Stanley Greenberg, John Podesta, Joe Lockhart, Terry MacAuliffe, the works. Most of those people aren’t friends of the Obama clique currently in charge.

And then you’re trying to run Hillary Clinton for president in 2024, eight years after she came off as too unhealthy and frail to run the country in the 2016 election. Not to mention she’d be presiding over an America in horrible shape with the Democrat Party to blame. There wouldn’t be much of a 2024 election if that’s the case.

It’s even worse than that, because you have the Bernie Sanders crowd who never really forgave Hillary for stealing – in their minds – the Democrat nomination in 2016. Sanders might be too old to make another run for president in 2024, but he could easily endorse somebody and put his army of social justice communist warriors behind him or her, and you might have a President Hillary who can’t even win her party’s nomination. That’s a real possibility once you pay attention to all of the urban political machines the Hard Left folks have taken over; those people are much more aligned with a Bernie Sanders than they are with a Hillary Clinton.

And the Powers That Be are desperate to keep the Sanders/AOC wing of their party from taking over atop the ticket.

They don’t have a ready vice president. They’ll have to find someone who’s palatable both to their base and, to a lesser extent, the American people. There aren’t a lot of names out there who make sense.

And what’s more, moving Harris out has to be done before the midterms. By the first week in January it’s going to be too late.

Why? Because when the GOP retakes the House majority, that puts Kevin McCarthy, assuming he’s the House Speaker, in the line of succession. And at that point you’ll never be able to confirm a vice president – the position would be left vacant, because Republicans would be in a position to retake the White House with a Biden resignation or an exercise of the 25th Amendment.

And if you’re concerned that a Mitt Romney or Lisa Murkowski would screw that up in the Senate, remember – first, Murkowski is up for re-election this fall and it’s by no means assured she’ll win. Second, there might be 54 or 55 GOP senators by January, so the Romneys and Murkowskis wouldn’t even matter. And third, putting McCarthy in line means that if something happens to Biden you now have a Republican incumbent president in time for 2024 whose name is not Donald Trump, and that for the Romneys and Murkowskis of the world is the greatest possible scenario.

So don’t discount GOP intransigence in that scenario. And if you’re the Team D puppetmasters, you can’t take the chance of leaving the door open for the Republicans to walk through. You have to put these plans in motion before Team R has political power, or else.

Don’t be surprised if you start hearing things indicating Kamala Harris is on her way out. The window is going to close to move her over the next six months, and then it’s going to start closing on Biden thereafter.



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