APPEL: Biden’s Gaslighting Americans On The State Of Our Economy

Have you seen President Biden’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal? Well, I know he didn’t write it, but whoever did should be given a prize for literary fiction.

For instance, did you know that Joe Biden has led us into the strongest recovery ever? I suppose that’s just revisionist history because as I recall when Trump was defeated, we were in a V-shaped recovery from the shock of the COIVID epidemic, Ukraine was at peace, we were intelligently withdrawing from the Afghan War, gas was selling in some cases below $2 a gallon, and we had just emerged from a period of national prosperity that had some of its strongest impact on the lower income and minority folks.

But we all know whoever sits in the White House, especially when helped by a devoted media, gets to write their own history.

The modern phrase “gaslighting” is for what through time was universally known as propaganda, and boy does Biden light us up with gas. There is great danger in propaganda when it is not being offset by a free, honest, and neutral press. Chinese, Russian, Cuban, Venezuelan, and North Korean people have no idea of the truth. In their worlds, carefully gaslit by autocratic propaganda, they think that they are doing just fine. They believe that jealousy of their way of life is the reason free people of the world are their enemies. They believe what they are told because there is no alternative voice.

The United States is in very great danger of moving to such a state, a state in which one-sided news is all that is available. Perhaps not government mandated news, but because of the ideology of the media, effectively the same thing. And citizens who have no balance in media news and opinions end up being deprived of the ability to make free decisions.

Think about this, if Biden’s efforts at gaslighting are successful, then by lack of balance the people of the United States will come to believe that he has delivered us to progressive Nirvana, the only place that we should be. But, unless his propaganda is insulated from contradicting facts, his thinly veiled image breaks down. Hence, the passion of the media to lend support to the tales he and his supporters tell.

We live in a dangerous time. We see the results of decades of unbalanced policies that are propped up by an unbalanced media and education establishment. Broken family structures, drug abuse, crime ridden cities, mental health breakdown, personal government dependency, loss of international prestige, high taxes and little return, loss of personal freedoms to an overarching government – all failings brought on by progressive policies, but have you ever heard a media outlet demanding a rollback of the underpinnings of these failures? Of course not.

Think about what reporting and editorials of national issues would sound like if we had a balanced media, a media not overwhelmed by editors and reporters that are submerged in progressive bias.. A short list of major issues that American citizens must find common ground on would include the following. Whatever you think about them, there must be balanced and honest discourse based on differing points of view.


Abortion, gender, education, nationalized healthcare, gun control, the deficit and debt, green energy, Iran nuclear policy, Federal vs. local powers, immigration policy, the Electoral College, and race-based issues such as affirmative action, reparations, voters rights, and on and on.

When, if ever, have we heard the conservative viewpoint of these issues covered with the same depth of reporting and opinion as the progressive viewpoint? Don’t bother to answer, because that answer would be never.

The Left is fond of raising all kinds of red flags about danger to a democracy from conservatives and the media gives them the national podium on which to do so. But propaganda, or gaslighting if you want to sanitize it, is ONLY danger to democracy, A free people can’t maintain their freedom if the media uses its reach to propagandize for one ideology and one Party. And sadly, that is the direction we have allowed our nation to drift to.

America is at risk. We risk our freedom and prosperity to an impassioned few who through their unique position of trust seek to control our thoughts and deprive us of the ability to make rational decisions based upon balanced information. There is danger to American democracy, and it comes from within.



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