APPEL: Who’s The Real Danger To The Republic, Mr. Biden?

In a breathtaking statement President Biden revealed to the whole nation exactly what he and the Democratic Party think of substantially more than a majority of American citizens, and it wasn’t in a call to unity.

The President made it clear that he believes that vast numbers of Americans are dangerous to the Republic and its democratic principles, he implied that these people must be eliminated from the conversation of American ideals and beliefs.

This should come as no surprise, since beginning in the first seconds of his Administration, without even taking the opportunity to evaluate them, he has erased every bit of President Trump’s policies, policies that had led to stunning economic progress and international stability. If a program or policy had any lingering residue of a Strong America ideology his minions had to extinguish it. The results of Biden’s foolish actions have left Americans wondering why we have declined so precipitously in just 18 months or so. But, of course, he and Democrats have blamed our downward spiral on everything except their actions.

And now, the President’s biggest mistake. He stood in front of the media and casting a wide net said that MAGA adherents, those who believe that America should be the world leader, that American prosperity should be the first priority of any President, that peace in the world comes not with retreat from strength, but from bold leadership, those tens of millions that believe that so much of what they saw as positive in Making America Great Again were evil and despicable. He words embraced a strategy to eradicate everything about America’s historical underpinnings in order to recreate a new America in the visage of centralized government control that will supplant personal freedom in exchange for an alien ideology.

The President could not have been more honest. Washington Democrats hate MAGA loving Americans because these average Americans have come to see and reject the form of government, some call it European Socialism, that Democrats surreptitiously promote. Average Americans recognize that today’s Democratic ideas are an anathema to the principles that made America the leading power in world history and gave American people unheard of freedom and prosperity. Democrats hate a Strong America philosophy because it devalues the victim strategy that they have utilized to instill fear and jealousy in their trusting victims, the linchpin of Democratic strategy. They hate it because the fundamental underpinning of a Strong America philosophy is self-reliance and not government largesse, and Democrats know that losing control over that largesse will cost them power.


So, now its up to Democratic leadership to decide, they can disavow Biden as a dithering old man who was not expressing their beliefs about so many Americans, or they can elect not to rebut his statement and hope that Americans will forget the great insult to them proclaimed by the leader of the Democratic Party. I don’t envy the political situation that Biden has left them. In either case Americans won’t soon forget and Democrats will be punished by millions of voters resent being attacked by their own president.

Time will tell which option they chose, but my hunch is they will opt for silence. Silence because Biden was speaking for them, saying what they wanted to say but were restrained by their own politics from saying.

So, I suppose we need to thank President Biden for drawing an unmistakable red line, and in doing so destroying the subterfuge that Democrats have long used to cover their true beliefs and ideology. From his own lips we all now know that his promises to be a uniter were bold faced lies. We all now know that his goal always was to fill his administration with radical bureaucrats and to promote extremist collective policies. We all now know his goal was to subjugate ordinary Americans who refused to surrender their liberty to a far-Left cabal. We must thank him because he has offered us a simple choice.

But, to quote an old Who song “We won’t be fooled again.”



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