HAIK: What I Said To The Senate Health & Welfare Committee Yesterday

Editor’s Note: what follows is the text of remarks given by Christy Haik, a mom and conservative activist from Baton Rouge, before the Senate Health & Welfare Committee disgracefully killed a resolution which would have countered John Bel Edwards’ edict to include the COVID vaccine in mandatory vaccinations for Louisiana schoolchildren. Louisiana is the only state in the country to implement such a stupid, drastic policy.

Since I was a very little girl, I was aware of the fact that my state, Louisiana, was known for its prevalent corruption.

When I heard people talking about it, they  would  sort of chuckle and say “Well, you know that’s Louisiana!” And I never understood back then why.

I have since come to realize that many elected officials (and not just in this state) may start off with honest intentions but end up being corrupted by the temptation of money and power.

We have many honest, good, well- intentioned lawmakers in this state but we also have some that have fallen prey to the temptation.

We the people know who they are. We see it quite clearly by their complete and utter disregard of their constituents’ wishes.

And we also see it by the way that they vote.

We heard murmurings in the hallway right before this hearing that  a few of the senators  have been strong-armed by Bel Edwards into not voting for this.

The senators are not representing the citizens in their districts -they are more concerned about their relationship with the governor and losing funding for their respective districts ,because that is what he has threatened, than the wishes of their constituents!

I was here last session when the legislature voted 13 to 2 not to include the COVID vaccination on mandatory requirements for school for children.

Despite the overwhelming testimony from the citizens of Louisiana and the will of the legislature, our governor vetoed the bill.


Despite preeminent experts on the subject coming to our great state to help its people in this fight -Robert F Kennedy Jr. and his very esteemed friend who accompanied him yet did not speak that day, Dr. Robert Malone.

Dr. Robert Malone invented mRNA in a vaccine at the Salk Institute in 1988.

He invented what is in the vaccines and yet is not allowed to speak about them. He has been canceled -And virtually erased. The evil entities in this world have tried to silence his voice.

However they have been unable because he is a harbinger of truth!

He has circled the globe trying to make people understand that they are not hearing the truth from their governments.

And indeed that is the case in Louisiana.

Dr. Malone came back today because this it Is so critical and so very serious. I ask that we PLEASE wake up!

IF we don’t listen to the experts- the true experts- like Dr. Malone -not the parrots peddling  a fake narrative, the ones who will suffer will be our precious progeny!!!

I don’t want anyone of you to wake up one day with the greatest remorse you’ve ever experienced in your life because the  proof will be everywhere and you  will finally realize what you did to our children!!!



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