PEAVY: An Open Letter To Louisiana’s House Health & Welfare Committee

Editor’s Note: a letter from Candy Peavey of Shreveport…. 

Dear House Health & Welfare Committee Members:

Your sole purpose as our elected representatives is to protect and defend our constitutional freedoms.  The charade I witnessed before your Committee on April 12 makes it clear that either you are too compromised to the powerful special interests who control you, or are simply too weak to stand up to your colleagues who are.  In either case, many of you have abdicated your duty to the citizens who elected you.

I listened in utter disbelief to demonstrably false testimony against a number of bills designed to protect our fundamental health freedoms and bodily autonomy.   I watched as you defeated multiple bills whose purpose was to codify our core constitutional right to govern our own health care decisions in the face of increasing government encroachment on our freedom to do so.  Why?  Do you know the facts?  Are you not familiar with the data?  Are you bought and paid for by powerful proponents of the prevailing narrative?  Are you simply too weak to do what is right?  Whatever the reason, your failure to advance common sense, data -based legislation regarding Covid and Covid vaccines was nothing short of reprehensible.

The State of Louisiana, through its ethically compromised doctors from LSU/Ochsner and Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) lied to you repeatedly on April 12 about the “safety and effectiveness” of the Covid vaccines.  Based upon the data that is readily available from the CDC, it is impossible to believe that these were innocent, good faith misrepresentations. These vaccines have proven to be unsafe, ineffective, and fatal in an alarming number of cases. An astounding 26,976 deaths following Covid vaccination have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System through April 8, 2022, in the United States.   This does not include the tens of thousands of serious non-fatal adverse reactions that have been reported.  And does not consider the credible evidence that the adverse reactions to the vaccines are being grossly, and consistently, underreported.  Few of you challenged ANY of these lies in any meaningful way.  Few of you demanded evidence for the lies being told to you on April 12. Few of you performed your duty of protecting and defending the citizens of Louisiana, or their right to make fully informed and free choices about their medical care.

The FDA has now begun releasing thousands of pages of Pfizer documents which prove beyond any doubt that Pfizer knew before the vaccine received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) that it caused myocarditis, and that people would die.  Pfizer knew this shortly after the initial vaccine trials had begun. Additionally, Pfizer knew that natural immunity was at least as effective as the shots.  Why was this information censored? Why were the citizens of Louisiana not allowed to know these critical facts?  Why are those who have recovered from Covid and thus now have natural immunity still being pressured and coerced to receive the vaccine? Why did so few Committee members on April 12 challenge the false premise that this vaccine is “safe and effective”?

Data from DMED, the US Military database, shows that morbidity and deaths among military members aged 18-40, (the healthiest and most fit members of our society) increased 1100% in the first 10 months of 2021, as compared to the same period in 2020.  The rate is expected to increase to over 5000% for 2022.  The only credible explanation for this dramatic increase is the rollout of the Covid vaccine and the mandate by the Pentagon that all military members receive it.  Does this sound like a safe vaccine to you?

Few, if any, experts now believe that these vaccines prevent Covid transmission, illness, hospitalization, or death.  In countries such as Israel and Australia, with extremely high vaccination rates, there are now more vaccinated people admitted to hospitals with Covid than those who are unvaccinated.  Does that sound like an effective vaccine to you?  Not only is the government failing to correct or clarify its false talking points regarding the “safety and effectiveness” of the vaccine, but it is also vigorously encouraging us to receive 3-4 booster shots annually.  What sane government or public health agency ostensibly concerned about the safety and health of its citizens, and armed with actual data, do this?


The power that government enjoys derives from the consent of the governed.  That is us, the citizens of Louisiana.  A substantial majority of Louisianans does not consent to dangerous vaccines being forced upon us or our children.  We do not consent to lockdowns, vaccine passports, social distancing, masks, or any of the shameful propaganda designed to foster fearful compliance with these destructive and unlawful Covid and vaccine related decrees that continue to be spewed upon us daily. And we do not consent to further suppression of critically important data, or censorship of free speech.

Our US Constitution is a guarantee of what the government CANNOT do.  The first ten Amendments make clear that government is not the source of our rights.  Our rights are given to us by God, and government is instituted by the people solely to protect those rights.

We elected all of you to the positions you now hold.  You work for us.  You represent us, and we demand that you honor our Constitution and protect our God-given rights.  We expect you to protect our individual rights and our freedoms, including our freedom to make our own health care decisions, in consultation with our doctor.  Your failure on April 12 to advance sensible legislation that would protect the bodily autonomy of every Louisiana citizen is a massive dereliction of responsibility.  You are the Health and Welfare Committee, not the LDH Committee of Rubber Stamping.   Either faithfully and effectively honor the oath you took to protect the constitution and the citizens of our State or go do something else with your time.  Either pass bills through your Committee that reflect the will of your constituents, or we will elect other people who will.


Candy Peavy, PT



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