Biden Just Said We Need To “Keep Alive The Truth And Honor Of The Holocaust”

That’s what POTATUS Biden is doing in Israel right now. He’s in the most volatile part of the world, and he goes there and drops gaffes like this.

Here’s the proof…

Yes, yes, it’s a slip of the tongue and a mistake, and he meant to say “horror” and not “honor.”

But there are things you can’t make mistakes on, or else you do more damage showing up than staying home. And that’s where we are with Joe Biden now.

These errors are so stupid and so manifestly ridiculous that they become substantial. And they can’t be excused. Particularly when it’s every single speech Biden gives now.

It seems like the utter incompetence is catching. The country is still roiled over Biden’s wife’s idiotic “breakfast tacos” gaffe on Monday, which wasn’t a slip of the tongue but a recitation from a prepared speech. Somebody actually thought it over and decided it would be a good idea to tell Hispanic Americans they were unique like breakfast tacos.

That’s what we have right now.

And you can’t get rid of Joe Biden in an effort to resolve the gaffes. Kamala Harris is every bit the gaffe machine that Joe Biden is.

My American Spectator column today talks about the fact there can’t be any escape from the Biden disaster, that the debacle of his presidency must be shared by the whole Democrat party and national ruling elite which went to unprecedented lengths to foist him on the country…

The Democrat establishment, the operatives at the New York Times and Washington Post who propped this presidential fraud up despite the fact that Biden wasn’t capable of even running a real campaign much less winning a straight race conducted under the accepted rules state legislatures set forth in law, and the conspirators who “fortified” the 2020 election by hiding the Hunter Biden laptop story as “Russian disinformation” when we now know it was but the tip of the rancid, septic iceberg of the Biden family’s business and personal dealings cannot be allowed the privilege of manning the lifeboats and turning on Biden.

No. This won’t do at all. He’s yours.

We insist you drown on the U.S.S. Biden. There are no lifeboats. That’s what you get for selling out your integrity for partisan gain. You’ve destroyed the institutions you populate, and we’re all worse off.

Biden is the symptom. You’re the disease. And his reckoning is your reckoning.

This matters because the Democrats are now planning to throw Biden and his persistent gaffes under the bus and attempt to escape accountability in this fall’s midterms. CNN

But even as Biden has continued to sink, other Democrats running this year have stabilized or improved their positions in a spate of recent polls, both in several major Senate races and in measures of which party voters say they intend to support for the House of Representatives.

The question is whether this “decoupling,” as many political professionals call it, is a temporary blip in public opinion — or a reflection of enduring public doubts about the Donald Trump-era GOP that may override the typical reflex of voters unhappy with the president to vote for the other party.

“The fundamental question is: have forces been unleashed in the electorate that are more powerful than disappointment in Joe Biden?” says Simon Rosenberg, president of NDN, a Democratic research and advocacy group. “I would argue they have. Opposition to MAGA [the Trump movement] has been the driving force in the last two elections and it is likely to be the driving force in this one as well.”

Still, no one underestimates how sharp a break from recent history it will represent if Democrats en masse can escape the undertow of Biden’s sinking approval ratings. “It’s hard to fight history,” says Republican consultant Matt Gorman, who served as communications director for the National Republican Congressional Committee during the 2018 election, when a wave of discontent with Trump cost House Republicans dozens of seats. “It’s extremely hard.”

It’s crucial to remember that Biden didn’t earn the presidency. He was installed in it. He was put there by a team of handlers and an entire political, cultural and economic ruling-class apparatus which refused to respect the right to govern by Biden’s duly-elected predecessor. So when Joe Biden flubs about as he describes the honor of the Holocaust, it isn’t just his failure.

It’s theirs.

And there is far too much blame to be had for the disgusting state of our nation to just heap on the demented old man failing to give simple speeches abroad on our behalf. They all bear it, and they should all suffer accordingly starting with this fall’s midterms.

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