Kennedy’s SuperPAC Pops Video Showing Love From Leges

Conservative Louisiana, the SuperPAC supporting John Kennedy’s re-election bid, released a great new video today highlighting the wide range of legislative support US Senator John Kennedy has garnered from across the state. The video uses Kennedy’s own words and the one liners we have all come to know and love, while mixing in glowing personal remarks from legislators from all parts of the state. It makes for a catchy and energetic kick off to the campaign from the Conservative Louisiana PAC. Kennedy was the first senate candidate to qualify this week.

“Best senator we’ve had in the state of Louisiana, bar none.”

“Smartest guys in the room.”


“GOAT – greatest of all time.” These are just some of the accolades mentioned by legislators like Rep. Tony Bacala, Rep. Chuck Owen, Sen. Robert Mills, and other conservative leaders in the legislature. The members highlighted truly speak to Kennedy’s conservative credentials.

More than that, the testimonials speak to Kennedy’s wide base of support among the state’s elected leaders.


Officials with the SuperPAC anticipate using their resources to help amplify Kennedy’s message of conservative values and his record of delivering for the state of Louisiana, while monitoring and tracking any credible threat by a competitor. Though Kennedy seems to be cruising toward re-election, the SuperPAC is on top of their game and taking nothing for granted as they have the resources necessary to help Kennedy defend his senate seat. Latest FEC reports show well over $1 million in its coffers, plenty of money to play a crucial role in the race.



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