What’s Really Going On With Gary Chambers’ Terrible Abortion Ad

You might have seen this already. If you haven’t, there’s a good chance you’re about to be offended and disgusted like you haven’t been by a political ad before. But this is the latest in Gary Chambers’ bids for earned media – he’s done Confederate flag-burnings and he’s smoked weed in his ads, and now he takes on the subject of abortion.

It turns out Chambers is anti-abortion, or maybe he’s pro-abortion. Either way, he seems angry about it.

So what’s this about? Well, the most pertinent fact here is that Gary Chambers, according to his latest FEC campaign finance report, has raised some $1.36 million so far in his Senate campaign.

And he’s got a little more than $100,000 left out of that haul.

Chambers’ campaign is not what you would call a fiscally sound endeavor. He and his crew are living high on the hog. How else do you describe a campaign which spends some $4500 in AirBnb fees on a trip to California in June? If you’re going out there trying to raise money, the play is to stay in the cheapest motels you can stand – or better yet, find somebody’s house you can crash in.

So he’s blown the stack of cash that he racked up when his campaign was new and fresh and “edgy” with the weed-smoking and flag-burning web spots, and he’s quickly running out of money.

Well, what do you do about it?

You raise more money, that’s what.

And who’s waving money around right now? Why, the abortion industry, that’s who. That’s the fattest wallet around for Democrat candidates to scoop into.

So Gary wants some of it, and this is an appeal for it.

Is it a disgusting ad? Of course it is. Is it dishonest? Absolutely. The idea that making abortion illegal will lead to more abortions is asinine given the more than 50 million lives snuffed out before they were born since Roe v. Wade was decided.

What else is gross about this is the cynicism. OF COURSE it’s a white girl in the ad who gets butchered and dies. Because Gary Chambers thinks, or maybe he knows, we’ll give him credit for probably being right about this, that the AWFL’s (Affluent White Female Leftists) who fund the abortion industry and its favorite Democrat candidates are generally racist as hell and wouldn’t get hit as hard in the feels if the victim in the ad was black.

And you probably also notice that it’s a black guy who botches the abortion and kills the white girl, then runs off.


Chambers knows black voters will notice that as well. It’s a bit of an inside joke he’s making with black voters.

Because of course the abortion industry that he’s trolling for dollars from commonly sites its butcher shops in black neighborhoods and does abortions mostly on black women. Not to mention that industry, and Planned Parenthood specifically, was founded by a genocidal racist in Margaret Sanger who openly preached about limiting the population of “undesirable” blacks.

Chambers, who holds himself out as the biggest booster of black folks in Louisiana, probably ought to be bitter about that history. But this isn’t about that. This is about the grift. This is about refueling that gravy train he’s been riding so it doesn’t die on the tracks before November.

The thing is, we’re rooting for him. We’d like him to soak up as much of the abortion industry’s campaign cash as he can get, so it can’t be used more productively. And we’d like him to do well enough this fall that he destroys the white Democrat establishment in Louisiana.

But is this likely to do that? Meh. Probably not. It’s not for a lack of trying, though.



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