GURVICH: Now You Know How Important November Is

“These are dark times for our nation…”

– President Donald Trump

Late yesterday afternoon, a small army of FBI agents, some armed with machine guns, descended on the private home of Donald Trump. The unannounced raid was carried out pursuant to a search warrant issued under the authority of no less a federal statute than the Presidential Archives Act. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Now in order to gauge the seriousness of this grievous breach of presidential decorum, you should know that this is the first such raid ever conducted against a sitting or former president of the United States in the two hundred and forty-six years of this republic, and it was conducted in the name of the Presidential Archives Act!

During the raid the FBI agents ransacked the President’s private home, broke into at least one safe, and removed numerous boxes of paper. Fortunately, the President was not at home and was spared the personal indignity of being present during the search and seizure. You can be assured that this was no accident, however- the raid must have been carefully planned at the highest levels of the Department of Justice (if not the White House itself) several weeks in advance.

Now the matter almost certainly could have been handled with negotiations and, if necessary, a subpoena and a hearing, but that is not how the progressive Democrats running this administration do things. They are all about the propaganda value of the moment (which explains the timing of the raid, just as folks were returning home to their TVs) and how it would further their pursuit of raw power by any means. Neither presidential decorum nor hundreds of years of precedent concern them in the least, because they do not care about the health of our republic; quite the contrary.

And once more their victim is Donald Trump, whose home was invaded even as Hillary Clinton remains unaccountable for the massive security breaches, email deletions, and much else, while no one in the Biden family has yet been indicted despite decades of illegal and unethical influence peddling and sundry other crimes too numerous to list in this space.

There is most certainly a double standard evident here, but please understand that this double standard is only one result of the intrigues of the progressive Democrats running the Biden administration. Their real goal is to tear down this republic to its roots and rebuild it on Marxist principles which will ultimately take away our dearly won rights as Americans. Dark days, indeed!


That, my friends, is the real nature of the on-going war that we have been fighting since at least the early Obama years. We have a major battle to win this Election Day, and if you want to save your country, your lifestyle, and a future for your children, vote Republican on November 8th.

And if you’ve had enough of Democrat judicial tyranny, woke politics, and grotesque misspending, you might also consider joining the Republican Party of Louisiana. Just go to and click on Online Voter Registration. Most folks can save themselves a trip to the registrar of voters’ office and register to vote or change their party registration online. Join us and help make the difference!

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