FedEx Doesn’t Look Like The Tightest Ship Anymore…

The old slogan for FedEx used to be that they ran the tightest ship in the shipping business, but a video which popped onto the internet which was shot in a parking lot off Seigen Lane in Baton Rouge makes that seem like it’s not true anymore.

According to WAFB, two of the three men on the video beating a fourth man bloody and nearly unconscious were FedEx contractors. They’re wearing FedEx uniform gear.

You would think these guys would be at least smart enough not to be out enforcing street justice in company-branded shirts, but nah.


It sounds like these idiots got themselves fired, which is not a surprise. But unemployment checks can cover that, and if you think The Law will get involved…that’s awfully quaint of you.

“We are appalled by the behavior shown in this video, which is unacceptable and inconsistent with the professionalism service provider personnel demonstrate every day. We can confirm that the individuals involved in this incident are not FedEx Ground employees, and that they are no longer providing service,” a company official said.

WAFB later learned that the men work with a third-party service provider that partners with FedEx.

It remains unclear who among the men initiated the fight.

Law enforcement in Baton Rouge was also unable to say if someone reported the incident to be investigated.

That incident is minor compared to what else comprises the cavalcade of idiocy, lawlessness and terror that is the news in Baton Rouge today…

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