GURVICH: Today Is Payback Day, So Get Out And Vote!

At last, after nearly two years of enduring disastrous economic, social, and foreign policies, the Great Day is here! The Biden administration and the ruling Democrats in Congress are about to have their comeuppance and we can begin the process of reclaiming our country from the most partisan, inept and dishonest government in American history.

Elected by an American public which had been assured by a complicit press that he would govern as a healing moderate, Joe Biden immediately turned the country over to the woke progressive wing of the Democrat Party. Predictably, the results have been an epic disaster.

Since his inauguration, the value of your dollars has declined by something over twelve percent. Now think about that- inflation has stolen away over twelve cents of every dollar you own. That’s why food and other necessities like housing and transportation have become so much more expensive. All because the Democrats feel that it is necessary to transform the government into a progressive (read ‘socialist’) society. Our economy will be flooded with the dollars from Biden’s multi-trillion dollar woke spending binge for years to come, and as a result it is going to cost you more to buy and to borrow the money to buy a house or a car.

Gasoline and other fuels merit their own special paragraph. Under President Trump, the United States was rapidly becoming self-sufficient in petrochemicals. The price of gas was under $2.00 per gallon, and we were selling more and more oil and natural gas on world markets. But woke progressives are on an ill-considered crusade against oil and gas, even though they emit far fewer pollutants than the coal and wood they have been replacing. First Joe prohibited oil leases on federal lands, and then he made it difficult to obtain the drilling permits. As a result, our oil production dropped precipitously and prices started going up rapidly. Vladimir Putin took notice and figured his position on the Eurasian continent was bulletproof. The Ukraine War followed within months.

Crime is way up, but then I guess it would be if you believe criminals are victims of society and you happen to be in charge of the government. That is precisely what woke progressives do believe, and that’s why they’ve released hundreds of thousands of dangerous criminal back on to our streets. The increased worries and concerns you have about your friends and family, and for your own personal safely, can be laid at the feet of this administration.


But there is so much more for which we must fault this administration. The attacks on your right to have a say in the education of your children is an insult to all Americans. We must also repair the damage to their education wrought by the prolonged school closures. We must face and reverse the continuing decline in moral standards and the left’s attempt to legitimize late-term abortion and even infanticide. The foreign humiliations and tragedies in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia must never be repeated, and the decline in American power in the world must be halted, or the outbreak of war in Europe will be but a harbinger of much worse to follow.

Truly, this is such a long list of failures for such a young administration, but that is precisely why today must begin the cultural, political, and economic counter-attack which will define the country in which we live for generations. Now go do your duty and vote if you have not already done so, and say a prayer along the way. Godspeed…

Republican Party of Louisiana



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