VIDEO: Jeff Landry, On Tucker Carlson, Discusses The Censorship Lawsuit

We’d be remiss if we didn’t have this on the site, because the lawsuit Landry filed, along with his colleage Eric Schmitt, who was at the time the Attorney General in Missouri, against several Big Tech operators and the federal government over the obvious censorship of people who dared to discuss COVID-19 and issues surrounding it from perspectives not in line with that of the regime (as well as other items) has continued to release a treasure trove of discovery.

One of the latest bits of which was that when Tucker Carlson discussed the suspect performance of the COVID vaccines on his show back in 2021, the White House went into a fit of apoplexy and demanded Facebook block dissemination of the video clip. A fascist troglodyte in the Biden White House named Rob Flaherty was found, in emails uncovered by the discovery from Landry’s suit, berating Facebook officials with demands to block Carlson’s clip.

So naturally Carlson jumped on these revelations and had Landry on.

There are a few things going on here.

First of which is that Joe Biden should be impeached for the proven, explicit and direct censorship his White House has been exposed for in this lawsuit, and anyone refusing to vote for either the impeachment or removal of this American MacBeth of a president can be reasonably said to be a defender of direct government censorship. Of course, as my American Spectator column today outlines, there are multiple lines along which a Biden impeachment should proceed – the latest one being the classified documents found at a University of Pennsylvania “think tank” bearing Biden’s name which was funded by various Chinese communist actors to the tune of some $55 million.

The lawsuit is spitting out an incredible amount of discovery and we are nowhere near finished with revelations of censorship so obnoxious as to call in question whether our First Amendment rights even exist anymore. Landry and Schmitt, who was just sworn in as the newest senator from Missouri, deserve a lot of credit for having filed it and, smartly, doing so in the Western District of Louisiana where they’d find a federal judge not appointed by Clinton, Obama or Biden. An Obama judge, for example, would never have let this case go forward for political reasons.

We’ve been saying that this is a true service to the American people. The revelations are depressing, but it’s better to know just how bad things are if you’re to have any hope of fixing them.


And second, Landry’s profile is greatly increasing as these revelations emerge from the suit and he’s generated media exposure. For this reason you’re now starting to hear griping that he’s “grandstanding” and that this whole thing is a “political stunt.”

Which are empty criticisms.

It is a GOOD thing that the people actively protecting our constitutional rights are able to access large microphones to do so. We want to reward such activity, not suppress or punish it. The fact is, Landry has transformed Louisiana’s Office of the Attorney General from an outfit which formerly mainly sued tobacco and pharmaceutical companies to one which protects the state’s citizens across a full spectrum of our rights and interests. And he’s done it with zero cooperation or support from the state’s Democrat governor, with whom he’s had to fight in court again and again – and despite the characterizations of the biased state media, Landry has won a good bit more than he’s lost.

Some of this criticism seems to come from a place in which it’s “unfair” that Landry gets to go on Tucker Carlson while he’s running for governor. Think about how stupid that perspective is, and then ask yourself who else in Louisiana’s political class is doing something about the creeping
fascism the Branch COVIDians and other governmental abusers have put upon us of late.



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