James Carville Thinks You’re White Trash (He Ought To Know)

Well, this pretty much speaks for itself, doesn’t it? And don’t say you’re surprised at the latest obnoxious statement coming out of Carville…

Democratic consultant and political commentator James Carville said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that Republican’s behavior during the State of the Union address was a staggering level of “white trashdom.”

Carville said, “Well, you know, I told people I have a Ph.D. in white trashology. You saw real white trash on display. Let me say something about congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. She dresses like white trash. She really needs a fashion consultant. I recommend George Santos. He could do a good job of dressing up where she doesn’t announce her white trashdom by her own clothes and her attitude.”

He continued, “First of all, their lust for cutting Social Security and Medicare is well documented. Newt Gingrich shut the government down and got defeated in the end. We know that George W. Bush tried to privatize Social Security and Medicare. We know when Paul Ryan was Speaker and John Boehner — they did everything they could to cut Social Security and Medicare. We know that that is their objective. President Joe Biden is 1000% right on this, and he’s right to press ahead, and I thought he had a great night last night. It’s just — the level of white trashdom in the Republican Party is staggering. I mean, for somebody that has observed it for a long time, like I have, I’ve never seen it manifest itself on a level that it’s manifesting itself.”

He added, “You cannot do anything they have low-quality people. Lauren Boebert met her husband when allegedly, according to the police report, exposed himself to her at a bowling alley. This is not made-up stuff. This is who they are. And even McCarthy, as gutless and spineless as he is, knew that they walked right into the trap. It’s unbelievable.”

Carville concluded, “You know, usually I’m pretty pessimistic about the state of American politics and to some extent the State of American culture, but I thought this was illuminating. Come on, this was entertaining, man. You know, if you like entertainment, you know, you couldn’t see this and let them expose themselves, if you will, Lauren Boebert’s husband, to see just how trashy these people are. How rude they are. How ill-mannered they are. And you don’t get to see this very often at this level. And you really got to see it last night at this level. I’m a big believer that, you know, the State of the Union, I mean, no one cares. It doesn’t change anything. I don’t know what it all changed last night, but it was vastly and enormously entertaining to me.”

Yes, James Carville is a prick, and yes, James Carville’s relevance level is nearly nil. The Democrat Party has moved on from this old has-been and his personal attacks and sleaze – but not because they don’t like personal attacks and sleaze, mind you; it’s because Carville is a sleazy mouth-writes-checks-his-butt-can’t-cash defamation artist who thinks “wokeness is a problem” and who isn’t the most fond of uppity black people, and today’s Democrats like a healthy helping of socialism with their sleaze.

Nonetheless, the trashing of MTG and Lauren Boebert when Carville made his name working for Bill Clinton, who’s the rapiest political figure in world history since Caligula, sure is rich. And who is he to talk about anybody else’s clothes when he goes on TV exclusively in a two-decade-old Perlis Mardi Gras polo and an LSU baseball cap?

But what substance there was to this slog through the television mud probably ought to elicit a comment, so there’s this: To the extent there is any legitimacy at all to Biden’s lies about Social Security, at issue is whether the program is to allow opt-outs for younger workers who will otherwise almost assuredly get nothing when it eventually goes broke.

Biden and Carville and the shameless liars in their party have demagogued those ideas for three decades now when they know the current system is unsustainable. They want to bring on that crisis because doing so will give them leverage for a massive tax increase and a socialization of private retirement accounts.


This has been the plan for a long time and if you read the writings of their academics and economists they’ve been pretty open about it in the same way they’ve been open about the Great Replacement right up to the point when conservatives started taking their word for it and warning what was going on.

Not that debating policy with a serpent-headed troglodyte like James Carville is a worthy expenditure of anyone’s time. Especially after he opens with a broad-based verbal assault on an entire political party using a term that will get you a 30-day ban on Facebook.



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