AUDIO: I Was On The Steve Hook Show, And Here’s How That Went

Our readers in the Atlanta area particularly will know Steve Hook, who’s a 30-year veteran of the radio game. With lot’s of rock & roll and a healthy dose of political talk under his belt you can expect a great conservative/libertarian mindset with a rock & roll attitude and a wealth of knowledge and fun. Getting his talk show chops from none other than the late legend himself, Bob Grant, who hand picked Steve as his regular fill in host to Steve’s own show, Right Hook Radio, it’s been quite a ride and now he’s hitting the air at TNT Radio with The Steve Hook Show.

I’ve known Steve for several years and did appearances with him in a couple of his previous radio gigs. But he’s really got a home at TNT.

My segment begins at the 17:42 mark of this episode. We recorded it a little before Joe Biden’s State of the Union, and part of the show was a preview of the speech and you can see how I did.


And we talk about Kamala Harris and 2024 and what the Democrats will do for a candidate, the House Republicans and the commencement of their investigations into the Biden administration, the media’s role in propping up the elite regime and even the state of the culture.



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