Laura Ingraham Nailed It On Yesterday’s Outbreak Of Idiocy On Capitol Hill

Ingraham says the blow-up in Congress over the vote to bounce Ilhan Omar off the House Foreign Affairs Committee amounted to “tears of the clowns.”

She’s not wrong.

The caterwauling and histrionics of these unhinged females representing monolothic Democrat districts has to make Democrat political consultants cringe all over the country. The Squad is now the face of the Democrat Party today, and that’s a bad thing even given the poor state of the U.S. electorate.

Especially when this isn’t about prosecuting Omar, or banning her from serving in Congress, or even dumping her off all her committees. She just got bounced off House Foreign Affairs because it’s been decided by a 218-211 vote that someone who’s openly anti-American shouldn’t be sitting in an oversight role over our foreign policy.

As Ingraham noted, Ilhan Omar should never have gotten that committee assignment in the first place. This was Nancy Pelosi’s error which has just been fixed. There are many such errors, by the way.

But what’s so pernicious here, even though it doesn’t look like it worked, is how fast the Democrats jumped on “racism” as the reason behind Omar’s ouster.

I’m writing a book on Barack Obama and his continuing negative effect on America, essentially saying that Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the country was a real thing that you can see everywhere and not just campaign rhetoric. One of the things I’ve been doing as part of the research for the book has been plowing through what’s available on Frank Marshall Davis, who is just as likely if not more so to have been Obama’s biological father than the Kenyan bureaucrat we’re supposed to believe but if nothing else was clearly Obama’s intellectual father.

Frank Marshall Davis wasn’t just a member of the Communist Party USA, he was a sizable party activist involved in scads of projects and agitation campaigns on its behalf.

And a never-ending theme of those was the pervasive claim that this country is structurally, systemically racist and that everything done in America is intended to harm people of color.

That trope was a fully-concocted lie by the Communist International, the Soviet-run parent organization of all of the communist parties around the world. It was cooked up in Moscow and dictated to the CPUSA which ran with it, in pursuit of a plan to overthrow the governments of the Southern states and replace them with a black communist state which might or might not unify with a communist state created in the north as the working class overthrew governments there.

In other words, this was an instrument of treason which was used over and over again by the CPUSA and its various proxies to stir up minorities and particularly blacks and get them signed up for the communist cause.


And it’s one of a host of tactics and narratives which are mainstreamed into Democrat Party politics today. If you’ve done the research into the CPUSA, you can spot them easily enough that you start to realize today’s Democrats are yesterday’s communists. They don’t have the same economic aims; they’re a bit more fascistic than they are communistic in that they realize they can’t just have the state come and take your property but rather they’ll so regulate you that they’ll control how you can spend and use what you own. But in every other respect the similarities are effectively total.

Obama was raised on the politics of the Communist Party, and Obama’s “fundamental transformation” turned the Democrats into the communists his figurative if not literal father Frank Marshall Davis reared him to be.

Go and research Valerie Jarrett’s background and lineage, by the way, and recognize her influence on not just the Obamas but the party as a whole, and you’ll likely find it quite convincing.

So this caterwauling and these reflexive calumnies of “racism” in response to a perfectly foreseeable and justifiable bit of political hygiene most of the country actually agrees with is by no means effective, and as I wrote yesterday it’s a positive thing that the House Republicans knew it was coming but weren’t fazed by it and haven’t backed down from the fusillade of name-calling and outrage. But it’s also instructive in that it’s one more example of the old communist party playbook being trotted out one more time.

The CPUSA went away, or at least went into a sizable period of remission, when the House Un-American Activities Committee – mostly staffed by Democrats, by the way – started investigating it, shining sunlight on it and making it uncomfortable for its most active members.

It’s unlikely that will happen to the screamers of the Squad, but let’s hope Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans in charge don’t back down from these people like Pelosi did.



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