VIDEO: Clay Higgins Suggests Those Former Twitter Execs Have Legal Problems In Their Futures

The House Oversight Committee had one heck of a hearing this week with a panel of former executives at Twitter, the gang Elon Musk sent packing after he saw what he’d bought, coming in to defend the social media platform’s activities with respect to the Hunter Biden laptop computer and what it revealed about the Biden family’s business dealings.

As our readers know, the laptop had been in FBI custody for almost a year in advance of the 2020 election but the agency slow-walked any investigation into Hunter’s activities despite clear evidence of crimes. Instead, the FBI made plans to cover up and discredit any revelations which might arise from the laptop. The Delaware computer repair shop owner who had the laptop, courtesy of Hunter abandoning it, made a copy of the hard drive and gave it to Rudy Giuliani, and from there the contents made their way into the public domain via conservative media and the New York Post in particular.

What we now know is that the FBI was clamping down on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook in advance of the Post report and pre-emptively declaring it was “Russian disinformation.”

It’s the kind of thing you’d never get anybody to believe if you put it in a novel. It wouldn’t even be plausible fiction. And yet it happened. When the Post report about the laptop came out, the social media platforms suppressed it, the word didn’t get out about the revelations in that laptop and Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election under circumstances fraught with irregularities far beyond just the constricted flow of relevant information.

Put another way, we now know that a federal agency conspired with private companies to censor and suppress true information from reputable news sources which had a direct effect on a presidential election. Multiple polls taken shortly following the 2020 election indicated that 10 percent or more of Joe Biden’s voters wouldn’t have voted for him had they known of the shady business dealings and other disqualifying material found on that laptop.

And for the first two years of Joe Biden’s presidential term the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate, so there has been no investigation of any kind of all of this. But now, the House Oversight Committee is probing it as part of its overall investigation into the weaponization of the federal government for political purposes.

Rep. Clay Higgins did an excellent job of outlining the stakes, because the fact is that a sane country would be looking to jail as many people involved in such egregious abuses as possible…


He isn’t wrong, though what’s incomplete in his statement is that the former Twitter execs wouldn’t be alone in facing prosecution for some pretty serious crimes thanks to the suppression of the laptop story.

The FBI agents involved would be as well, and particularly FBI agent Elvis Chan, who was the liaison between the government and Silicon Valley and held weekly briefings aimed at suppression of inconvenient information.

What’s especially mind-blowing here is the fact that Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, was president at the time. Or at least, that’s what we all believed. Maybe Trump was simply president in name only and the real power lay in the Deep State and its alliance with Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, who is clearly a puppetmaster of sorts for Biden.

It’s good these hearings are taking place, and it’s good that Clay Higgins, among others, is willing to frame this as the significant and grave matter it deserves to be seen as.



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