VIDEO: John Solomon On The State Of Elections And Media

We stumbled across this on YouTube this morning and thought it was worth passing along. It’s a speech given at Hillsdale College by John Solomon, the long-time conservative investigative journalist and pundit of Fox News and fame, from about a week after the midterm elections last November. Hillsdale just posted a clip of it to their YouTube page.

It’s something every conservative probably ought to look at and process.

Solomon talks for an hour in the whole speech, which you can see here. But in the 14-minute clip we’ll show you below he gets into a diagnosis of the midterm election and what he says is spot on.

How did the Democrats stave off disaster? Mail-in ballots, according to Solomon. And he says while there is certainly illegal activity going on, fundamentally what has changed is the effect of get-out-the-vote initiatives.

Specifically, if the election happens on Election Day and the vast majority of the vote will come out then, your results will depend on that percentage of the population who are informed and engaged and voluntarily get off the couch to vote.

But if you can turn Election Day into Election Month, you now have a ton of time to get beyond the informed and engaged voters and into the low-information crowd in places you know are full of Democrats. And if all they need to do is fill out a ballot and give it to some campaign worker who shows up again and again to harangue them about voting, and that ballot is harvested, you can win races where most of the population doesn’t agree with you.


On the conservative side we’re getting wrapped around the axle about vote fraud, or voting machines and other things. But if, as Solomon notes in the whole speech, you can get 62 percent of evangelical Christians to vote instead of 52 percent, you can probably completely counter what the Democrats are doing.

Check out the video below, then hit the link to see the whole thing for Solomon’s thoughts about building a parallel media structure. It’s a hopeful speech.




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