Did We Hear What Trump Just Said About the JFK Files?

Yes, we are all tired of hearing about it. Release the documents. It’s been sixty years.

Donald Trump is speaking in his recognizable way again, if you choose to study it and take note on how exactly he disseminates information to the general public–the seemingly shy, seemingly hesitant, often double entendre-freckled way that is discernible only to open ears.

Just recently he showed his humility in appearing on what may not be to many a high traffic, mainstream stage–the ‘All In’ podcast. He continues to show he is willing to reach as much of the everyday American as he can, not settling for big spotlight moments as the political arena has so often done in the past. We see it also when he goes into the war zone inside states that may otherwise seem Blue and unwinnable.

You even have Anthony Fauci now saying Trump should have been more aggressive back in 2020. (Roll eyes). He actually said recently on CBS Mornings and its Mockingbird stooges that Trump missed opportunities to use the “bully pulpit of the Presidency” during Covid, when much of what Trump was trying to do was allow the people in charge of their own positions and the states to do their own jobs.

Fauci went on to say some other things about the mask. It’s Trump’s fault! Trump supporters would have done anything he asked of them!

Actually, no we wouldn’t and we didn’t. It is high irony that it was likely mostly anti-Trump people who got that vaccine. Trump has inspired his supporters to think on their own. We did it then, and we’ll do it every time we disagree with him.

Allowing people like Fauci to hang themselves back in 2020 exposed even more in the depths of the swamp Trump was draining. It was the long play, and admittedly, a more maddening one at times. But it’s the whole trust the process thing I preach in the classroom and great coaches preach on the field. Championships don’t happen overnight. The American people were able to actually see it all happen in real time, and that is why we have the scenario today where Fauci is on the run and having to maneuver around the onslaught of negative public opinion.

Be honest and think how a Trump “bully pulpit” would have gone–we wouldn’t have heard the end of it from the establishment media. We already didn’t hear the end of it, despite the truth to the contrary. We do even now hear about it, again, despite all actual evidence pointing in the completely opposite direction.

It’ll be the end of democracy as we know it!!!! Throw him in jail!!!

On the ‘All In’ podcast last week, Trump spoke to a subject, one of many, taking its turn showing up from time to time in the ‘limited hangout‘ scenario I introduced in an article last week.

It’s a subject RFK, Jr was “introducing” into the conversation back in the fall, a subject that, given his relation to the murdered President, made him immune to the “conspiracy theorist!” argument.

It was a clear tell that it was part of the information war.

That subject, if you go way back to the Warren Commission in the 1960s, may very well be the reason we have the term “conspiracy theorist” in the first place.” It can be found inside a declassified document (that sadly I cannot find at the moment). But rest assured–despite Google fact checkers’ best efforts to convince us otherwise–that point blank inside that document were instructions to label any American citizen or media personality a “conspiracy theorist” if they broke from the official narrative of this all important American horror story. Silencing and shaming is a part of information war.

The subject is a popular one.

The JFK assassination.

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As an aside, The Black Vault is a great place for FOIA declassified government documents.

On ‘All In’, Trump said he would probably release the remaining JFK files if elected in November, on the heels of releasing so much already when he was President. “Probably” is his way of softening the communication, as though he is still questioning it. This is his way. His communication style is not nearly as bullyish as his enemies pretend, nor is it as strong as it could be.

The hosts laugh when one of them gives an introduction to the story saying that Trump didn’t think we were ready for all the files back then but now he thinks we’re ready. They laugh because they know.

This is what we have been harping on with the notion of the court of public opinion. “We” is we, we the people. Trump and his closest allies know–you cannot disseminate difficult information to a public not yet awakened to the mass psychosis they have been put under by the government-media beast over the last several decades.

Our enemies know that. It’s why they’ve tried to remain hidden. It’s why they’ve tried to shame people into silence, confusion, and ultimately, apathy.

Trump’s people, at the time, said, “Sir, we think it needs a little bit more time.” These people are likely US Military intelligence that have been waging high-stakes information war behind the scenes on America’s behalf, a war for the collective American Mind, what General Michael Flynn calls Fifth Generation Warfare.

It is why Elon Musk can be viewed as an asset to the war himself, as X/Twitter has become more open than it’s ever been for the free flow of information. What information was once squashed and shamed, like that Hunter Biden laptop story right before the 2020 election, is now being discussed freely, allowing people the safe space to know the truth. Our opponents can no longer hide behind a complicit media and in the shadows.

‘Knowledge Is Power’ is a cliche for a reason.

All of that said, perhaps the most important tell in the following video is Trump’s ho-hum chuckle at throwing out there that yeah, the CIA probably did it.

“This time, I’m just going to do it,” he said. “I think CIA was probably behind it. They would have preferred that I not release the rest of it. So we did give quite a bit. It’s going to be done early on. A lot of people want to see that. And whatever it may say, I won’t say it, I have an idea, but whatever it is it will be very interesting for people to see. And we are going to have to learn from it. There are other things we are going to release too. Generally speaking, transparency is important. People more than anything else, they want the JFK files, we are going to release that immediately.”

Wait, what?

This is what he does. He just throws things out there, enormously important things. Frankly, it is often what I have done in trying to teach teenagers difficult concepts in the classroom. I don’t know what it’s called, but I imagine it is a form of the Socratic Method, where one asks a series of connected and progressive questions to allow the learners to come to truth on their own time. I think Trump’s style is like that, because while they don’t have a question mark behind the words, these ho-hum statements–statements that are not ho-hum at all–are meant to build intrigue in the listener. They’re supposed to hear something like this and say, “Wait, what did he just say?”

I thought that was a conspiracy theory.

Trump talks about people learning from it because he understands its weight, despite saying that he just “has an idea.” Again, this is meant to soften the communication and invite the listener into the work of finding out the rest of the information on their own–as if they were beating the disseminator to the punch with something they didn’t know quite yet.

Trump knows everything, folks. He was President.

Again, it’s what good teachers do. It’s what good boyfriends and girlfriends do, for that matter. If there is time to do it (and admittedly sometimes there isn’t), give people room to breathe, to reflect, to discover things on their own.

I’ve tried to do that even in my own work here. The mouth (or fingers on a keyboard) has to respect the ears.

It is important that people recognize this style as they listen to Trump in the coming months. He will hint at a lot that he simply can’t come right out and say, because the sad truth of the matter is that we listeners sometimes just aren’t ready. Not sadly, though, America is more awake than it ever has been, and that court of public opinion is shifting every day.

Don’t forget the things we have already discussed concerning conspiracy theories and the CIA. My counsel is to start preparing our minds now for everything from JFK to 9/ll to Charles Manson to the Titanic to seep into the American conversation. Apparently very little of what we’ve ever been told and taught is the truth.


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May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.

Jeff LeJeune is the author of several books, writer for RVIVR, editor, master of English and avid historian, teacher and tutor, aspiring ghostwriter and podcaster, and creator of LeJeune Said. Visit his website at jefflejeune.com, where you can find a conglomerate of content.



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