VIDEO: Talking Joe Biden Chaos With Emerald Robinson

She’s one of my favorite news personalities because she doesn’t pretend to be “objective” – the legacy corporate media is full of people who do a terrible job of hiding their biases but still go around preening as though they’re neutral arbiters of truth – and Emerald Robinson is pretty wide open about where she’s coming from. The former White House correspondent for One America News and Newsmax, she’s hard-core conservative and she pulls zero punches about the corruption of our institutional elites and particularly in government.

That’s what makes her show The Absolute Truth, which streams on, a lot of fun to watch.

Robinson had me on the show Monday to talk about the implosion of the Biden White House and re-election campaign because of Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s All Obama, the book I wrote late last year which detailed the damage Barack Obama has done and is still doing as the most likely puppetmaster holding Joe Biden’s strings. It’s clear now, not that it wasn’t earlier, that Biden isn’t running his own administration, and given that virtually all of the key players in policymaking roles are alumni of the Obama regime we can safely say that it’s Obama who’s the real power here.

But there’s a problem. Barack Obama doesn’t have a viable puppet anymore. And because he doesn’t, we’re seeing the Obama machine starting to throw off parts.

That’s a terrible thing for them to have happen. It’s not so bad for America. After all, Team Obama has held sway over this country for going on 16 years now, even counting the four years Donald Trump was president (between the Russia hoax, the Hawaiian judges and the nightmarish COVID/George Floyd insurrection experience, what you had was a silent coup and a shadow government largely being run out of Obama’s Kalorama mansion for those four years), and we are by no means better off as a country for Obama’s influence.


If that machine should throw a rod and end up in the junkyard, as all political machines eventually do, it’s not a bad thing.

Check out the segment to see if that’s what’s happening. It was an interesting discussion.



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