Last year’s Hayride Truth And Consequences Tour was a major success, as we’ve been given lots of positive feedback from our attendees and encouragement to maintain and expand our event offerings, and so we’re building on that experience to debut this year’s version.

We’re calling it the Hayride @Large Tour. Why? Well, because while we had six events on last year’s schedule, this year we’ve got twice as many. We’ll be in a different city every month.

And not just in Louisiana.

Here’s a schedule of Hayride @Large Tour dates…

Jan. 23 (Wednesday) – HOUMA
Mar. 20 (Wedensday) – MANDEVILLE
Apr. 25 (Thursday) – BATON ROUGE
May 17 (Friday) – SHREVEPORT
June 12 (Wednesday) – Houston, Texas
July 18 (Thursday) – Dallas, Texas
Aug. 8 (Thursday) – METAIRIE
Sept. 6 (Friday) – Austin, Texas
Sept. 12 (Thursday) – LAKE CHARLES
Oct. 3 (Thursday) – RUSTON
Nov. 21 (Thursday) – LAFAYETTE
Dec. 4 (Thursday) – San Antonio, Texas

As you’ll notice, as The Hayride expands its news coverage to Texas so we’re also expanding our events to the Lone Star State.

The next upcoming Louisiana event is in Metairie, on Thursday, August 8th.

Tickets will be available SOON…