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From Dennis Miller’s HBO Special, Brilliance

From Dennis Miller’s HBO Special, Brilliance
November 29
10:56 2010

This isn’t safe for work, as there’s a little salty language in it. But it’s legendary stuff. Miller is the Mark Twain of our age.

Or something.

Anyway, enjoy.

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So, Uhhh…


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  1. Joanie
    Joanie February 11, 02:31

    Dennis, please care about ones faith and although you give a very colorful description of the our countrys faults and mocking many people, you are not to judge! God is our director and our counsel, so no matter how this country thinks,or what our enemies do, or how people act, the only thing we have is to be dependent on our God for all things, He is giving us a reason to search his love and guidance. think about that!!

  2. Andy Hines
    Andy Hines February 11, 17:16

    All truth and NO BS. I like that!

  3. Andy Hines
    Andy Hines February 11, 17:16

    All truth and NO BS. I like that!

  4. Andy Hines
    Andy Hines February 11, 17:16

    All truth and NO BS. I like that!

  5. Mrskraivitz06
    Mrskraivitz06 February 12, 19:25

    He has a great topic, I question why he has to use the F word every two or three sentences. That is usually done by speakers who don’t know what they are talking about. I don’t think that’s the case
    here, but it’s definitely poor speaking technique. It shows lack class, at the very least. Say he’s an adult and can speak in whatever manner he chooses? If he wants to be heard by people that are serious minded, I suggest he knock off the foul language.

  6. Josie
    Josie February 13, 20:08

    LOVE Dennis. But…typical man, doesn’t multi-task. I can be afraid of both thank you very much! : )

  7. Ediehope
    Ediehope February 14, 04:00

    Well… he’s good at sarcasm and great at putting everybody down. I don’t like him, though, because he’s mean; kind of like Joan Rivers. I like a comedian like Bill Cosby. He’s always funny, but never hurtful or profane. Him I’d have over for dinner. Dennis Miller is just a big nasty downer.

  8. Jim Whit
    Jim Whit February 16, 01:40

    Dennis is so right with this whole crew in the Dc area – all these dems on the obama train ride are a bunch of nuts – fallen from some tree where osama obama swoops them up in the net taking them back to the white house for the making of the zombie crew –

  9. Bsox11
    Bsox11 February 19, 15:40

    Once again,,, spot on by the Miller Man!

  10. Dan Carr
    Dan Carr September 19, 18:29

    Ya gotta watch this..

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