Nasty? Did We Mention That The Lt. Gov. Race Is Nasty?

No. Not at all. It’s a pillow fight.

First, here’s Billy Nungesser’s latest ad…

And here’s Jay Dardenne’s campaign video of his appearance at the Baton Rouge Pachyderms meeting – the one which was supposed to be a debate with Nungesser on Friday of last week…

These guys aren’t pulling any punches.

A little tid-bit of information, and a tease for next week – we’ve commissioned a poll on this race, and we’ll have the results Monday morning. The whole state wants to know where this thing stands four weeks out from Election Day.

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4 thoughts on “Nasty? Did We Mention That The Lt. Gov. Race Is Nasty?

  1. Dardenne was out of the legislature when the $30,000 pay increase was passed. HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.    

    This is why I hate politics because people like Nungesser lie and no one calls him out.  Also, Dardenne was not a part of the Legislative Health Care system, so he WOULDN’T have benefited from the bill.  Further—-Dardenne successfully lobbied the Governor to veto that bill once he (AND MANY OTHER LEGISLATORS) realized someone tried to slip in health care for the State Senate and House. 

    Again: Dardenne didn’t give himself a pay raise, and Dardenne wasn’t even enrolled in the Health-Care system that would have benefited from the legislation in question.

    Sound confusing? That’s what Nungesser is counting on.   The truth is out there.

    Nungesser is a lying crook.

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