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Black Panthers in Louisiana?

Black Panthers in Louisiana?
December 01
15:08 2011


Parents have been told by St. Tammany law enforcement officials  to lock up their kids after a photo surfaced this week depicting what some claimed to be a black panther in the Covington area. Well, parents can now rest a little easier without having to worry about their kids being devoured by giant carnivores.

I just got off the telephone with Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries officials who have confirmed that the animal in the picture is NOT a black panther.




After speaking to the office in Baton Rouge , I was directed to Christian Winslow, a biologist in the Hammond office, who said that investigators were dispatched to the scene and it was determined that the animal in question is just a house cat.

As a side note, there has never been a documented case of  black panthers existing  in the Louisiana wild. There have, however, been large black cats indigenous to South American who have made their way to North America. I was told by Fisheries biologists that these are jaguars or leopards who have migrated on rare occasions to North America. These large cats, usually tan or spotted, that have melanistic or black color phases. Bobcats, which live in Louisiana, have also been known to have this color phase.

Mountain lions, pumas, cougars, catamounts and panthers are names for the same species of large cats found mostly in western states. They have also appeared in Louisiana, so maybe we shouldn’t rest too easily.

Interestingly enough, there is a species of black panther in North America, but they are usually found hanging around voting precincts when Barack Obama is running for president.

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  1. BB
    BB December 02, 15:02

    WOW. that was brave

  2. Skydad
    Skydad December 02, 16:35

    The picture they had on, if it was a house cat, was the biggest in the world.  That animal was way too big to be a common house cat.  I think it probably was a cougar with black coloring.  Then, too, I remember when a guy had a picture, from a security camera in the Covington area, of a great big cat of some kind that they also dismissed as a house cat.  That booger was as tall as the tire on his RV that was parked in his yard.  I’ve never seen a black cougar, but I have seen a brown or tan one a couple of times.

    • Ginger
      Ginger December 03, 14:43

      My husband, a biologist with 40 years experience, saw a large black cat (aka Black Panther)  in the hollow behind our house in Washington Parish, in May, 2 years ago.. Many other people in our area have seen the cats, too.  I guess one will have to land in the WL&F building for them to admit that the cats are something besides a house cat on steroids!.  Maybe they just don’t want to deal with the complications that a threatened species can present!

  3. john
    john December 02, 18:13

    Panthers of both color phases have been in the Basin as far back as the 80’s. I have seen both and they are one of the wonders of the wild. they are seen at dawn and dusk, they come from nowhere and then melt into the mist

  4. Jet-lag
    Jet-lag December 09, 03:32

    I dont really care about whether there are panthers in the US or not… and to be honest I think spending  time trying to figure this out is nothing but a waste of taxpayers hard earned shillings (unless privately funded)
    My concern is however the use of the photo of the Black Panther Party members for your halfwit punchline. I find it both intellectually dishonest and culturally insensitive. how can a person who employs a scientific method and goes out of their way to investigate cats can fail so miserable to investigate human culture? to liken the so called “black panther party” who were supporting Obama with the Original BPP AND use a Photo of the original BPP to illustrate that point is totally misleading. there are generation of kids who can not tell the difference between those racist contemporary black organization and the party that fought for our self determination and civil liberties in the 60s. this is intellectually lazy and it’s precisely posts like this that provide justification for the so called “new black panther party” and their propagated opinion that “white people are inherently condescending towards black folk”. it gives ground to the idea that “white people would sooner group ALL OF US in a sweeping generalization than seek to acknowledge us as individuals”. the above picture clearly demonstrates either
    A- the belief that all black people are the same and their causes is biased and built alongst racial lines
    B- the writer intentionally seeks to mislead and confuse people in order to express their personal racial prejudice
    C-the writer is genuinely incapable of distinguishing (in google image search) those photos from 2007 and those from 1967 (in which case then he/she should not attempt to use complex humor)

    • Cajun Exile
      Cajun Exile January 19, 22:29

      Google “google black panther obama 2008 election” and you get 802,000 hits. Look at the pictures in the links don’t look substantively different from the one posted above. You are more than welcome to be offended by the author or by my reply. You are not welcome to wrap yourself in imagined intellectual self superiority.Blacks are the last group of Americans who support Obama. Black people should be embarrassed by the Black Panthers and Barack Obama. But the majority of blacks lack the intellectual honesty and self confidence to do so. The fact that the black community supports Obama just because he is black, even while Obama’s policies destroy their lives and enslave their children to debt, is proof that a significant majority of the black community is racist by their own definition. There is nothing complex or subtle about this, it is just a brutal fact. You are also welcome to keep your false “peace” and platitudes to yourself.

      • Nativemaqari
        Nativemaqari January 27, 01:20

        Your whole post did nothing but prove my main point. which by the way has nothing to do with Obama whatsoever! But then it’s not uncommon for people who have nothing to say when confronted by topics they know nothing about, to take one keyword and build a totally out of context argument around it (I think it’s called “intellectual masturbation” or something like that ;) ) I understand that all kind of emotions are stirred when elections approach, and that political bias brings out the worse in people, but that STILL is not in itself a justification for stupidity. I do not give two shits about Obama. I have not voted for him nor will I ever. So likewise you are NOT going to succeed in angering me into discussing your opinions about him. My point was about historical accuracy and that only! I will however discuss the premise of your argument (if Only for the fun of making you feel like an idiot). You try to have us convinced that;
        1- it’s “intellectually honest” to google a topic with a combination of unrelated keywords, then take the first image that pops up (because it does not look”substantially different” from the rest) and USE it to illustrate a precise political point?
        2- that to challenge that is an “imagined intellectual self superiority”?
        IF applied to any other situation here is how you sound; If im writing a piece about Mao and I google “Communist Asian leaders” and I get the picture of Kim Jung il. I can use that to illustrate Mao as long as ‘to me’ they dont look “substantially different” regardless of their respective particularities. OR if Im doing a piece about George W Bush. ANY stupid white man with a suit and tie would do???

        As far as your opinions on race, I dont think I can do a better job at illustrating their contradictions than you did yourself. So Im just gonna quote you VERBATIM!  
        you said; 
         “You are not welcome to wrap yourself in imagined intellectual self superiority.Blacks are the last group of Americans who support Obama.”
        And then you said
         “Black people should be embarrassed by the Black Panthers and Barack Obama. But the majority of blacks lack the intellectual honesty and self confidence to do so”
        Im done.

  5. Hayley Crawford
    Hayley Crawford July 15, 10:15

    I thought that it was a black bob cat bc lousiana has black bob cats and normal bobcats u can look it up there is such a thing.

  6. Dale Perry
    Dale Perry November 21, 03:28

    2 black panthers were seen in the ebenezer community crossing the road. long black tails curled up over there back. also bobcats have been seen in the ebenezer area recently. guess they're migrating our way. also a black bear. has anyone else seen any strange animals?

    • Steve Faulk
      Steve Faulk November 21, 12:37

      I killed a pretty big bobcat over there a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was a panther at first. I wouldn't be surprised to see a panther. I did see one up close in Orange hunting in the Sabine river bottom. That's only 80 miles away. I'm hunting in Ebenezer this week and I will be looking for the panthers cause I'd hate to be dragged off by one of them. The bobcat almost got me! Lol

    • Steve Faulk
      Steve Faulk November 21, 12:47

      Oh there has never been a kill or capture of a black panther in th U.S. Usually they are seen at dusk or dawn and just look black.

    • Mike McAvoy
      Mike McAvoy March 14, 02:31

      ……there are no black panthers. from a distance sizes are distorted and creates an optical illusion to the eye

  7. Rob Mitchell
    Rob Mitchell March 10, 04:22

    Well, I'm here to tell you I've personally seen a Black Panther in the Atchafalya Basin area, just over the levee south of Ramah. I was about 40 yards away in a boat, casting for bass along the shoreline when I saw the animal in some underbrush. I must have gotten too close because it growled at me and ran deeper into the woods. It was about the size of a female Black Lab, maybe 50 lbs, and about 3' to 4' long nose to buttocks, with a long tail. This was probably about 1996-1998, back when that was my primary fishing spot.

  8. Kevin Trahan
    Kevin Trahan January 12, 22:36

    I was in south Crowley Louisiana at the end of rice harvesting season when I drove up on our rice farm and I saw a large black cat. When the cut rice they take just the rice heads leaving the stalk which stands at least 2 feet tall, the cat back was at least 5" taller than the stalks, I shot in the air, it stopped looked and in a flash it was gone, very very fast, to big an to fast for a house cat and had big gold eyes and the tail was as long as the cat himself.

  9. Kevin Trahan
    Kevin Trahan January 12, 22:38

    These large cats are here I don't care what anyone says, I've seen them and not just a few times

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