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Did They Ride The Bus To That Street-Corner?

Did They Ride The Bus To That Street-Corner?
April 17
10:59 2012

The folks reading the Hayride from Baton Rouge probably already know that on Saturday there’s an election whereby the government and a bunch of lefty groups want to jack up the taxes so they can throw a bunch of money at the bus service nobody rides.

We’ve had a couple good posts here last week on it – John Conroy, who’s running for mayor, had one and Alex Velasquez, who’s with the Taxbusters group opposing the bus tax, had another.

It’s a pretty contentious issue, though it looks like a consensus of the people who’ve studied this thing think it sucks. The Baton Rouge Business Report was for that stupid bond issue the mayor did, and they think it sucks – not once but twice. And even the Baton Rouge Advocate, which never met a tax it didn’t like, also thinks it sucks.

But the people who don’t think the CATS tax sucks have an opinion. And their opinion is that the CATS tax opponents suck. And in particular they think the CATS tax opponents’ signs suck.

Which is how come you get this…

It doesn’t look like they’ve got a bus stop at that street corner, so maybe the cat with the spray paint can had to hoof it over there.

Oh, he had a car? Then what’s he wanna pay more taxes for?

We love election season around here.

Love it.

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  1. Sean McDonald
    Sean McDonald April 17, 16:09

    I'm still waiting for Taxbusters to tell us what their smarter decisions and ideas for a workable transit system are, since they say they know there are better solutions out there.

    • Jeff Pollard
      Jeff Pollard April 17, 18:50

      Let's start by focusing on routes that have riders…maybe then BRCATS and Together Baton Rouge (the Industrial Areas Foundation affiliate, i.e. Saul Alinsky) would need manufacture another crisis and not ask for a 150% raise…just sayin…

  2. Christi Domingue-Rangel
    Christi Domingue-Rangel April 17, 16:41

    Sean, check out John Conroy's piece if you're looking for suggested solutions. John is running for Mayor-President.

    • Kathryn Witty
      Kathryn Witty April 17, 17:40

      Thanks Christi for reminding us of his article. He has some great ideas!! This massive TAX vote is 4 days away ….. A NO VOTE does not follow that we have the responsibility to draft a better proposal although, if one took the time to read all of the opposition articles – there are many good suggestions out there that CATS people could benefit from !!

  3. Clifford Grout
    Clifford Grout April 17, 16:56

    A tax on spray paint could raise some funds….

  4. Glenda Pollard
    Glenda Pollard April 17, 19:15

    Well, I guess these people don't want free speech….I wonder what they are going to tell the pastors/priests after they finish using them to get out the vote? Wake up BR!

  5. Vincent Samaha
    Vincent Samaha April 17, 20:00

    Privatize public transportation. Problem solved. You're welcome.

  6. Johnny Kovalcik
    Johnny Kovalcik April 17, 20:03

    Saw this on another set of NO CATS signs on Lobdell near Goodwood Blvd. How classy!

    • Walter Price
      Walter Price April 17, 20:17

      These are the same crazies that apporoved millions of dollars to tear down and rebuild the city library. It was an award winnig design when it was built. Now suddenly it's got to go. Everyone that cares about our city should stop this any way they can.

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