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Matt Damon. Uncomfortable.

Matt Damon. Uncomfortable.
December 07
10:03 2012

In this video clip he’s attempting to promote Promised Land, his anti-fracking propaganda movie which is financed by Participant Media – a direct arm of the government of Abu Dhabi, which is an OPEC state dependent on the energy dependence of the West and as such invested in the public’s disapproval of fracking.

Promised Land is all about how terrible fracking is. It’s as full of lies as that other anti-fracking propaganda film, Gasland, was. But this one is “fictionalized” (meaning it admits the story isn’t true; Gasland pretended to be a documentary).

But while the Left loves to ambush conservatives as they promote books, etc., which outline their ideas, they’re a bit less well-equipped to deal with the same treatment when conservatives confront them. Check out how squirrelly Matt Damon gets when Phelim McAleer, a documentary filmmaker and a savage critic of the environmentalist Left, hits him with precisely the same kinds of loaded questions about being the tool of evil, moneyed interests that conservatives get all the time…

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  1. Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith December 07, 22:20

    Duh? HUH? Couldn't understand any of the questions.

  2. Jules P. Guidry
    Jules P. Guidry December 10, 14:32

    Just another actor, pretending he cares cuz he's paid to do so. That's what they do, pretend to be something they are not. Need to stick to acting, not politicizing. Freakin' hollyweird.

  3. Richard Garwood
    Richard Garwood December 12, 21:33

    The interesting thing is that none of the people showboating and making proclamations about procedures they have absolutely NO expertise in are always the ones most vocal. But, because they have an audience and a microphone they fellate regularly so as to get some form of auto-erotic thrill means we are a captive audience. We want entertainment and pay for it heavily, only to learn we are required to listen to their uninformed drivel and pontifications. Damon, please hit your mark, read your lines and get the hell off the stage when you're supposed to.

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