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Landry Voted Against The Fiscal Cliff Bill

Landry Voted Against The Fiscal Cliff Bill
January 02
09:25 2013

In his last vote as a member of Congress, Rep. Jeff Landry voted against the Senate’s fiscal cliff deal.

This was his statement on the vote – which by the way, was the same position the rest of Louisiana’s House delegation save for Cedric Richmond, a Democrat, and Rodney Alexander, a Republican. Landry’s “no” was echoed by Bill Cassidy, Steve Scalise, John Fleming AND CHARLES BOUSTANY…

“While political pundits spend the day naming winners and losers in the negotiations, the real scoreboard reads Washington politicians the winners and American people the losers. The bill pushed by the President and passed by Congress did not solve our fiscal problem; its tax increases, spending increases, and deficit increases only transported Americans to a higher cliff from which to fall.”

Boustany prides himself on being a close confidant of John Boehner, and yet he voted against Boehner on the fiscal cliff deal. That’s an indication of how bad a deal this bill actually is.

Landry went on CNN this morning to explain why…

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  1. Connie Zimmermann
    Connie Zimmermann January 03, 02:46

    Thank you Jeff Landry. You have GUTS and I, as an American Citizen appreciate the fact that you did what you were elected to do.

  2. Connie Zimmermann
    Connie Zimmermann January 03, 02:51

    And Thank You Jeff Landry for your participation in the Tea Party Caucus. As a Tea Partier myself, I can say that I respect you tremendously for your efforts.

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