At What Point Does Millennial Fury At Obama Kick In?

First there was the Brosurance ad campaign in Colorado, which was an in-your-face assault on the maturity and intelligence of the 20-somethings the White House has to bamboozle into subsidizing the old and the sick if Obamacare isn’t going to collapse.

Next came this rather obnoxious, if somewhat entertaining, hard-sell to the millennials in California…

But the worst yet might be this image the Obama administration just belched out to Twitter. If you’re a millennial and this doesn’t completely irritate you, you’re lost.

Could an entire generation be any more thoroughly infantilized in one image than this?

There is good news. Said generation, which is perhaps the most cynical ever raised in this country even though they’ve also been indoctrinated with more provably false material by the education industry and Hollywood than any age group in human history, is beginning to turn on their propagandizers

A USA Today/Pew poll of 2,001 adults, including 229 adults between the ages of 18-29, or “millennials” showed people in that age group are almost evenly divided when it comes to their opinion of the president, USA Today reports.

The poll showed 45 percent of the millennials approve of how Obama is handling his job, but 46 percent disapprove. But less than a year ago, the president was enjoying a 67 percent approval rating among young adults. Now that approval rating mirrors the general population’s.

Several other polls in recent days mirror the USA Today survey. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll last week showed 49 percent of adults between the ages of 18-34 disapprove of the job Obama is doing, while 45 percent approve.

Even those millennials approving of Obama don’t feel strongly about his job performance. Twenty-two percent said they approve strongly, compared with 41 percent feeling strongly in January.

On Greta tonight  there was a segment about this with three millenials discussing the above pieces of messaging, and one of them had a very interesting quote to the effect of “in a democracy, the people are supposed to tell the government what they want. (This ad campaign) is basically the reverse; it’s the government telling us what the government wants.”

All of the millenials in the segment said that the cutesy ad campaign targeted to influence their behavior and prevent the Obamacare adverse selection death spiral wouldn’t move them an inch. They all recognized that a bad economic decision is a bad economic decision regardless of the “messaging” the Obama administration wanted to throw at them.

We found that interesting, for a couple of reasons. First, to the extent the three 20-somethings Greta put on the tube actually represent the millenials across the country (and we don’t assume they do) it’s interesting that they approach this issue from a pure economic standpoint. They might have thrown in with Obama in 2008 and again in 2012, but that loyalty is skin deep at best, and when they see that his policies don’t benefit them they walk.

And second, it’s an indication of exactly how arrogant the Obama crowd is that they believe they can induce people to do things patently opposite of their interests just because somebody threw Hollywood movie stars and fun college imagery at them. They obviously believe that’s how they managed re-election, and they’re probably right about that. But they also managed re-election by largely shielding the public from the reality of what their policies would produce, and we’re beginning to see that reality reflected in the polls now that people get a dose of it.

Governance is not the same thing as messaging. And you can’t hide from bad governance. Not even with the millenials.



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