PRIORITIES! Louisiana Senate Tackling Big Issues Like The Age Of Strippers This Week

The Louisiana State Senate is really getting the job done this legislative session.

This week, a bill to raise the stripper age from 18 years-old to 21 years-old across the state flew through the State Senate, according to WBRZ.

The legislation will put every part of the state on par with the city of New Orleans, which already mandates that strippers be at least 21 years-old. But, opponents say it will hurt women who use stripping in order to become financially stable as young people out of high school or in high school.

Proponents, though, say by raising the stripping age to 21, human trafficking, a massive problem in areas like Baton Rouge and New Orleans, will be curtailed.

There was absolutely zero discussion on the bill Monday and no opposition. It now heads to the House for full consideration.



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