Adios, GOP

The decision to leave was pretty easy. There is no place for me in Donald Trump’s new nationalist/populist Republican party. I’m neither. I’m a conservative. I will never support Donald Trump.

Matt Walsh gave his reasons for leaving the GOP on The Blaze this morning, and I largely agree with them. Other Republicans such as former Romney 2012 staffer Jenny Erickson have vowed to continue the fight against Trump. I too will continue to actively oppose Trump.

Changing my party affiliation was easy. You can do it online. I just filled out an online form and it goes to the parish Registrar of Voters.



It has been a liberating few hours. I don’t have to carry the dead weight of a dying political party anymore. The GOP and its orange colored baboon can have each other.

The Republican Party is likely toast this election. I think the American people are still too decent, too open-minded, and too optimistic to support a demagogue like Donald Trump.

But #NeverTrump isn’t just for Donald Trump. It is not enough to defeat Trump. We must defeat his growing army of bootlickers. Any Republican politician who endorses Donald Trump deserves defeat this fall. There is no moral justification for supporting Trump.

Refusing to support Donald Trump does not mean supporting Hillary Clinton. I will be supporting either Gary Johnson or Austin Petersen, which ever one gets the Libertarian Party nomination. I don’t owe the Republican voters, who decided to throw a temper tantrum instead of taking their job of nominating a presidential candidate seriously, anything. You guys voted for Donald Trump, you go and get him elected without me.

I have voted for candidates I disagreed with in the past. But my problems with Trump aren’t just his positions on the issues. Trump is amoral scum. I’ll let Ted Cruz illustrate why.

I cannot and will not support this man. I will not support the party which nominates him.



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