UPDATED: Some Thoughts About The Cleveland Dumpster Fire, Day 1

UPDATE: 11:15 PM It has managed to get worse. Melania Trump plagiarized her speech from Michelle Obama.

I strongly disagree with Ezra Klein, I have no sympathy what so ever for Melania. She signed on to this dumpster fire, she has to pay the consequences.



It somehow managed to graduate from a freak show to a full blown dumpster fire today.

Let’s start with the benediction at the end of the business this afternoon. It was given by Pastor Mark Burns, who is a televangelist and preacher of the “prosperity gospel” variety. The prosperity gospel bunch believe that you can become wealthy through your faith.

These heretics love Donald Trump because like them, he wallows in his sin and greed. They love him because he’s rich.

Here’s the prayer, which is nothing more than idolatry:


The prosperity gospel heretic is just the cap of a terrible day for the few remaining conservatives and Constitutionalists in the GOP. The big fireworks were over the rules.

Conservatives were pushing rules changes to push power away from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC and back towards the grassroots. Here, we’ll just show you the video of what happened when it came up for a vote.

Utah demanded a roll call vote on the rules, the RNC denied it claiming some of the states requesting the roll call vote withdrew the vote. Rare’s Yasmeen Alamiri broke a story an hour ago claiming they had video and texts from Trump/RNC thugs trying to strong arm conservative delegates.

The RNC won today’s battle, but they may have lost the war. All over social media, I saw some GOP party officials resign their posts in the party. Others who were “maybe Trump” have now moved into the “never Trump” camp because of today. Finally, others who were “never Trump” but were staying in the party have decided to leave the party, calling it hopeless.

This is a mess but you Trump supporters were warned this would happen. You insisted on nominating Trump anyway and now you’re going to have to live with the consequences.



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