VIDEO: Kennedy Mercilessly Trolls Mitch Landrieu In Hearing With Sessions

The subject of this majestic example of gaslighting-by-proxy is the city of New Orleans’ status as a sanctuary city, and the poor behavior of that city’s mayor Mitch Landrieu in the face of federal efforts to enforce the law. This has become a delectable treat for Sen. John Kennedy, who specializes in grabbing advantageous political issues and using them to damage others in politics and culture it’s worth his while to damage.

So Landrieu, who has consistently denied New Orleans is a sanctuary city while the federal government has said otherwise, has spent a great deal of time bashing President Trump as a racist and every other epithet he can dream up, while ignoring key parts of his job like insuring the Sewerage & Water Board, of which he is the president, can actually drain the streets when it rains and provide potable water to his constituents.

That makes Landrieu a perfect target for Kennedy, and when Attorney General Jeff Sessions arrives for a Senate hearing it’s a perfect time for target shooting. It’s even better that Sessions and Landrieu are locked in a battle of letters, the basic gist of which is that Sessions is making demands that New Orleans come into compliance with federal law on something pretty basic – namely, that when the police arrest someone who might be an illegal alien they notify ICE of this fact, so if that someone is in fact an illegal they might be placed in the deportation process – and Landrieu is responding to those demands by essentially calling Sessions a poopy-head.


Kennedy calls that unprofessional, and actually apologizes to Sessions on behalf of Louisiana, which is a perfect piece of his gaslighting-grandpa persona, and then leads his witness into an examination of just how stupid Landrieu’s position on illegals is.

It’s an entertaining bit of political theater, made nearly perfect by Kennedy’s grand finale: “Ah wawnt the record to reflect, Mr. Chairman, ah stayed within mah tahhm.”



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