Here’s How You Take The Fight To The Gun-Grabbers

Rational Americans agree, the Left has gone entirely too far. They have set their sights on something that transcends policy and politics, they are attempting an all-out assault on one of the most fundamental aspects of what it means to be an American. For decades, they have operated under a shroud of secrecy, claiming they only want to ban certain types of weapons but their true intentions have become clear with some leaders calling for the complete repeal of the Second Amendment. Amid recent mass shootings in “gun-free zones”, they enthusiastically believe the time has come to seize this opportunity. We conservatives will prove them wrong.

What should freedom-loving Americans across our great nation do to combat this unprecedented attack on our God-given right to self defense? The following thoughts come to mind when contemplating how best to protect our Second Amendment, do the following and you will have done your part in securing freedom for the next generation.

The Information War (The power of YOU)

In the age of social media, each of us possess an unprecedented amount of influence on our family and friends. Let us not squander this opportunity to lead our state and nation in the right direction. Be sure to educate yourself on the Second Amendment, why gun control has failed and how it will only put our fellow Americans in further danger. Try to avoid tedious arguments and instead focus on sharing accurate, high-quality visual and reading material to engage and enlighten your circle of influence. The truth is on our side and so are the vast majority of the American people.

Vote and Volunteer for Conservative Candidates (and do not be fooled by RINOs)

The single biggest reason that anti-gun liberals have failed is because they simply never had the votes in Congress and with your help, they never will. Anyone who runs in a Republican Primary knows the magic word “Conservative” so be sure to research all the candidates to ensure that the one who actually means it gets your vote, volunteer hours and hopefully the nomination. Tell your family and friends to vote for these candidates, you will be surprised how many people will vote the way you tell them rather than not vote at all.

Academic Activism (College students, join or create a Conservative group on your campus)

America’s academic institutions remain at the forefront in the battlefield for ideas. Unfortunately, it is one where conservatives are at a great disadvantage. Many studies show a disproportionate number of college professors identify as “liberal” while a small amount identify as “conservative”. Consequently, it is more important than ever to have dedicated student activists engaging with their peers on campus and challenging the status quo. For this reason, you should become a member or chapter leader with a conservative youth organization such as Young Americans for Liberty.

Support the Defenders, Boycott the Boycotters (Vote with your wallet and television)

When a public figure outs themselves as a rational American, the far-left can not help but throw a tantrum and try to silence their voices, don’t let them. Avoid doing business with anti-gun establishments and instead do business with defenders of the Second Amendment or neutral parties at least. A recent example is the boycott on Laura Ingraham by the kid from the recent school shooting in Florida. We should familiarize ourselves with the companies participating in the anti-gun boycott and give a nod to those sponsors and TV hosts who resist.


Take It to the Next Level (Become a Delegate to the Party Conventions, run for office)

There is a dire need for freedom-loving Americans to do just this, become more involved in their Party and/or run for office. Every two years, the self-anointed show up to the Local and State Conventions to elect Party officials and craft the Party Platform which serves as the guide for legislative priorities for the next two years. Nearly every time and especially in non-presidential years, there is shortage of bodies to fill the Delegate slots which means all you have to do is show up. When I say run for office I don’t necessarily mean for Congress, there are dozens of local offices who desperately need a Conservative alternative. Contact your local Party to find out when your next opportunity will be and where you may be needed most.

The truth is that the only answer to the scourge of violence and extremism in our country is good men & women armed with guns. Fortunately for America, the facts as well as history are on our side. It is a great blessing to be born an American but it is also comes with an obligation to use our God-given talents to defend the founding principles that have made the United States exceptional, including the Second Amendment. With your help, Conservatives will mobilize in order to protect & preserve the Constitution and our Liberty for many generations to come.



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