Quote Of The Day, April 2, 2018

Are You Ready For Ann Coulter’s Appearance In Metairie Next Week?

Scalise As House Speaker? “I Wouldn’t Rule It Out.”

Quote Of The Day, March 30, 2018

Facebook’s Machinations, And The Mighty Hayride

85 Grand Of Your Money Flushed Right Down The Commode

VIDEO: It Looks Like The NFL Is Finally Getting Its Rule On What Is A Completed Catch Right…

Quote Of The Day, March 29, 2018

Special Interest Politics Will Continue To Cost LA Taxpayers $100 Million In Medicaid Expenses For Nursing Homes…

Karen Carter Peterson’s Anti-Child Marriage Bill Hurts The Cause More Than It Helps

Tonight Is The Hayride’s Truth And Consequences Tour Event On The Northshore, So Grab Your Tickets Now!

Quote Of The Day, March 28, 2018

Alton Sterling Was As High As A Kite The Night He Died. Here’s The Full Toxicology Report.

It Appears JBE Wasn’t All That Serious About Occupational Licensing Reform Other Than For Florists…

Quote Of The Day March 27, 2018

Is Steve Scalise About To Become The Speaker Of The House?

Word Is Tomorrow Is Alton Sterling Day…Again

The Baton Rouge Zoo Just Lost Its Accreditation, And That Raises The Obvious Question…

Quote Of The Day, March 26, 2018

Let’s Talk About The Heated Exchange Between Joe Bouie And Conrad Appel Yesterday