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AUDIO: Al Sharpton Openly Discusses Extortion Of Corporate America

He’s a criminal. It’s undeniable. A transcript, via… There are no blacks on 30% of Fortune 500 Board of Directors. Apple, where we spend a lot of money on Apple, they have a new I-phone coming out today. No... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Is This As Good As It Gets?

Friday was a bust. Monday was no better. The political scene’s in a state of repetitive cycling with little happening of interest. Obama’s still behaving imperially while planning his next “vacation” to Martha’s Vineyard.  Congress is still mired in its... (Continue reading)

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BAYHAM: America Under The Sharpton Administration

Back in March 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama found himself in a rut. Video tapes had made the rounds of inflammatory sermons by the man who officiated his marriage to his wife and baptized his two daughters. All of a... (Continue reading)

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WHY CAN’T WE STOP LAUGHING AT THIS? Zimmerman Rescues Crash Victim

The Left and the Al Sharpton crowd are going to have a tough time with this one… George Zimmerman, who has been in hiding since he was acquitted of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, emerged to help rescue... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: The Past Is Darkness

“People are all over the world telling their one dramatic story and how their life has turned into getting over this one event. Now their lives are more about the past than their future.”  - Chuck Palahniuk Racism exists. Everybody has... (Continue reading)

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BAYHAM: Trayvon’s Inevitable Confrontation

In the movie Pulp Fiction, Ving Rhames’s character Marsellus Wallace shared his take on pride, saying that pride only hurts, it never helps. Sometimes pride can be dangerous, even deadly. On February 26, 2012 neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman confronted... (Continue reading)

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Ex-Gang Member To Sharpton And Jackson: I See Right Through You

This is terrific stuff. It was recorded two weeks ago and it’s just now starting to pick up some steam, but it’s as timely now as it was when it was shot. The man in the video is Tommie Scott,... (Continue reading)

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HUSTMYRE: The Shot Heard ‘Round The World

The shot that killed Trayvon Martin is still echoing and the “Hate America” crowd is loving it. The Rev. Al Sharpton has a hot young girlfriend who looks like she requires a lot of maintenance, so I’m guessing the old... (Continue reading)

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The Weekend Is A Good Time To Wash Away The Trayvon Martin Mess

Seems to me it’s been a nasty week with all the mire the Main-Stream-Media has drug us through with the Trayvon Martin controversy. It’s likely that you don’t have a job like mine where you have to listen to the news... (Continue reading)

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C.L. Bryant Calls Out Race Baiters In Teen Shooting Case

In case you missed it, Rev. C.L. Bryant took on CNN contributor Roland Martin yesterday over the way some black leaders, particularly Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are exploiting the Trayvon Martin killing and inflaming racial tension. Bryant, a former... (Continue reading)

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Hayride Cartoon: If Red Riding Hood Would Have Been Black

 ... (Continue reading)

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One You Might Not Have Heard About…

The Trayvon Martin tragedy is an unfolding story in which the whole truth is yet unknown, but that hasn’t stopped race-pimps from using it to stoke the fire of hatred. And speaking of fire, here is another story that you... (Continue reading)

More MSNBC Hypocrisy On Display By Booting Buchanan

It comes as no surprise that MSNBC’s decision to can Pat Buchanan, who worked as a paid contributor, coincides with the network giving race-baiter and Tulane professor Melissa Harris-Perry her own show. Buchanan hasn’t been seen on MSNBC since October,... (Continue reading)

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Let’s Hope This Isn’t Another Jena Six Thing…

Since I am on a roll today with racially charged posts that are sure to piss lots of people off, why stop? I had missed this fun story from The News Star until Scott made me aware of it. It... (Continue reading)

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Melissa Harris-Perry And A Racist’s Primer For Whitey

If former-Gov. Buddy Roemer’s ongoing presidential campaign–yes, it’s still out there–wasn’t enough to make Louisianaian breasts swell with pride, Tulane University political science professor Melissa Harris-Perry has been given her own talk show on MSNBC. Harris-Perry, no relation to Rick Perry... (Continue reading)

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Al Sharpton – The Hardest-Workin’ Man In The Race-Hustling Bidness

You’ve just got to love this one. Rick Perry, in Iowa, referred to $16 trillion in debt as a “black cloud” hanging over the country. Perry’s a racist for that remark – did you know that? We know that, because... (Continue reading)

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Al Sharpton Channels Ron Burgundy

He doesn’t have marbles in his mouth, and he’s not having a stroke. He just can’t read the teleprompter. (Link for if the embed doesn’t load) That’s kinda reminiscent of this, which is not safe for work. Sharpton isn’t cursing,... (Continue reading)

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Clown Show

Watch MSNBC much? If you do, you can see Al Sharpton as a TV anchor. Seriously, they gave him a show. Boy, it’s good TV, too. You can see segments like this – the dumb leading the dumber. We give... (Continue reading)

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