Playing By Their Rules

Now that Rush Limbaugh’s involvement in an ownership group attempting to purchase the St. Louis Rams has been terminated due to bad publicity surrounding “quotes” trumpeted by left-wing propagandists which were subsequently exposed as lies, I wonder – does it not allow us free rein to treat Limbaugh’s tormentors similarly?

For example, I understand Jesse Jackson makes a living as an extortionist.

I understand Al Sharpton is a bald-faced liar, hoaxster and criminal.

I understand CNN’s Rick Sanchez once got drunk and ran over a pedestrian outside of Pro Player Stadium in Miami. That pedestrian ultimately died.

Wait, stop. Jackson, Sharpton and Sanchez actually are guilty of those allegations. It’s NOT the same thing to point those out as to ascribe a defense of slavery to Limbaugh – when despite the detailed documentation of everything the radio host has said on his show since it made its national debut in 1988 there has been ZERO evidence made public that such a quote exists beyond the Left’s poisonous imagination.

What is a more accurate analogy would be to say that Jason Whitlock fellates rhesus monkeys. Or that Mercury Morris keeps Guatemalan boys in his basement for purposes of human sacrifice every new moon. Or that DeMaurice Smith and DeMarco Farr engage in a homosexual affair.

There is no more evidence to suggest the accusations those individuals have made about Limbaugh as a putative racist are true than are the ones I’ve just alluded to. In fact, if Limbaugh was the man they accuse him being it would beg the question why his call screener who has been with him for 20 years is black or why Walter Williams guest-hosts Limbaugh’s show for a day or so virtually every time Rush goes on vacation.

It’s probably too much to say that Limbaugh is being persecuted; owning an NFL team isn’t a right and the end effect on the radio host of this affair won’t necessarily be a deletirious one. However, the fact that the Jacksons and Sharptons of the world would have the power to interfere with the private contractual affairs of ANYONE in this country is nothing short of a damn shame, and America is worse off for them having that power. Those are criminals and parasites on society; their only relevance comes from their ability to accuse successful white people of racism so as to extort money or generate publicity for themselves.

Jackson and Sharpton produce nothing. They do nothing at all to elevate their people; in fact, it is in their interest to keep black Americans poor, ignorant and downtrodden – educated and self-sufficient people would NEVER place their interests in the hands of such unworthy bad actors as those two. And Limbaugh’s message – that individual success is within reach of anyone willing to apply himself – is a dangerous one to a Jackson or Sharpton who preaches dependence and despondence for American blacks.

Marginalizing Limbaugh and attempting to turn him into a Klan member and an outcast is crucial for them. Were large swathes of the black population in America ever to listen to him – or others who share his message such as Williams or Larry Elder or Thomas Sowell – Jackson and Sharpton would fade from the scene in ignominious fashion. And their masters atop the Democratic Party are no less threatened by that message; hence their gleeful participation in this week’s feeding frenzy.

There is a strong whiff of fascism in the Limbaugh/Rams controversy. Certainly his stance as a provocateur made him something of a risky addition to the NFL owners’ club, but this is the first time in memory when a prospective owner’s political opinions – not to mention libelous and slanderous statements made by his enemies – have disqualified him from engaging in commerce in this country. That this has been done in an effort to punish an enemy of a ruling elite signifies a new low in America; regardless of your opinion of Limbaugh, you must recognize that when “watch what you say if you know what’s good for you” becomes good advice we are not the country we aspire to be.



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