Per Rasmussen, Barack Obama’s Approval Index is now at a staggering minus-19. Just 23 percent of those polled say they strongly approve of the job the president is doing, while 41 percent strongly disapprove.

Obama is at minus-29 among senior citizens and minus-2 among those under 30. His approval index among those who think the economy is the most important issue is minus-13 (39-26). And for those who think fiscal policy is most important, he’s at MINUS-80 (81-1).

Whether Rasmussen’s current figures are accurate or not is a question; it might be that he just ran into an angry voter sample this weekend. But with yesterday’s minus-16 number and today’s minus-19, Obama is unquestionably in trouble with the American people. The passage of a $1.1 trillion spending bill by the Senate over the weekend won’t help things; the bill is more than 1,000 pages, contains 5,000 pork projects like construction of a county farmer’s market in Kentucky, renovation of a historic theater in New York and restoration of a mill in Rhode Island. It also removes a ban on funding for abortions and allows medical marijuana in the District of Columbia and gives federal workers – who earn an average salary of $71,000 per year as opposed to a private-sector average of $40,000 – a two percent raise.

And it was passed over a weekend while Americans were watching football.

The reaction of the American people to these continuing events is being seen in polls like Rasmussen’s, and it is not likely to abate before next year’s congressional elections.



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