New Year’s Open Thread…

The Washington Times is running a piece now asking readers to write out the headlines they’d like to see in 2010 – which is a terrific topic for an open thread here at the Hayride.

Just to get things started, here are a few we’ve cooked up:

  1. Head Of New Iran Gov’t: Thanks For Nothing, Obama
  2. Obamacare Fails In House Conference Vote
  3. Louisiana Unemployment Drops Steeply In 1st Quarter
  4. Saints March In; Crush Colts 38-20 For Super Bowl Title
  5. Indictments Handed Down On Climategate Fraud Beef
  6. Holden: Scaled-Down Bond Issue Targets “Necessities”
  7. GOP Gains Produce Boehner As House Speaker
  8. Panicked Obama Proposes Tax Rate Cuts To Stimulate Economy
  9. “Atlas Shrugged” Tops 2010 Christmas Week Box Office Standings
  10. Back To Back: Mainieri, Tigers Celebrate 7th National Title



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