They Have A Word For This…

…it’s called sedition.

se·di·tion /sɪˈdɪʃən/ Show Spelled[si-dish-uhn]
1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
2. any action, esp. in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.

The speaker is described as a professor at UCLA, and he’s a member of an organization called La Raza, which is Spanish for The Race.

Obviously the guy is a racist. He’s also a Marxist revolutionary. And he’s on video calling for a race war against the American government.

It’s time to recognize, once again, that there are people espousing the demise of the United States of America and nothing is being done about it. What happens if those this man poisons against our country, while he rakes in taxpayer dollars in salary from the University of California system, act on his words? Whose fault will it be when those he inspires kill policemen, politicians, landowners? Or destroy private property? Beat up Republicans or conservatives on street corners?

Will the mainstream Left finally begin to distance itself from communist revolutionaries? Will it finally stop apologizing for and wet-nursing those who would destroy the greatest nation on earth for ideological purposes?

Or do hooligans like this represent the mainstream Left? Such a thought would seem ridiculous, but since nothing is done by the “responsible” people in media and government to shout down fools like this man it is at least worth questioning whether what is currently called the Democrat Party is really in opposition to what La Raza is preaching.

After all, our current President addressed this racist, Marxist organization as a friend and ally while a candidate in 2008 (and if you will watch this speech all the way through it will open your eyes)…

There is functionally no difference between La Raza and the Iron Rail Gang or the other anarcho-communist collectives gathering strength all over the country. All of them hate America for what has made it a great country and all are committed to destroying our system of free markets and free individuals.

If the Democrat Party and the mainstream Left are not willing to stand with the majority of the nation against those who wish to destroy it, if they would choose to make common cause with people like La Raza or the anarchists instead of joining the Right and the Middle in preserving the country, what then?

What then?



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