And What Are They Going To Investigate You For, Nancy?

Seems that our current Speaker of the House might have a guilty conscience. She also appears to be lacking confidence in her job security.

Those are two inferences to be drawn from the fact that Nancy Pelosi is hitting her supporters up for money to ward off Republican “subpoenas and investigations” that would come to pass should the GOP take control of the House after this fall’s elections.

“Remember a Republican-controlled Congress that devoted more time to subpoenas and investigations than to solving our country’s problems?” Pelosi asks. “There is far too much at stake for our country now to allow it to happen again.”

Pelosi’s reference is to Ken Starr, the special prosecutor appointed by the GOP-led Congress in the 1990’s to look into Bill Clinton’s Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky allegations. She apparently forgot about the special prosecutor the Democrats insisted be installed to investigate the Valerie Plame affair during the Bush administration when there was no underlying crime involved in that affair.

Intellectual honesty, of course, is not a major strength of Pelosi’s. She’s entertaining in her idiocy, though.



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