She’s (Literally) A Rocket Scientist, He’s A Slimy, Rotund Tub Of Goo And She’s Winning

Maybe we had it wrong. Maybe you really don’t need any money to get elected to Congress.

Maybe all it takes is a disgraced, obnoxious incumbent.

Ruth McClung is an actual rocket scientist at an engineering company in Tucson and a true conservative. She’s the Republican challenger to Democrat Raul Grijalva, who made waves earlier this year in endorsing a boycott of his own state following the passage of Arizona’s immigration enforcement law.

And according to a Magellan Strategies poll of the race, despite having only $16,000 in the bank she’s in a dead heat with Grijalva. The McClung campaign’s internal numbers say she’s actually leading the incumbent 39-37.

Magellan’s numbers indicate by a 50-36 the voters would like to give someone else a chance, and he’s underwater on his approval ratings by a 49-37 count.

Grijalva has about $80,000 in the bank and he’s running TV spots for the first time in eight years. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is trying to decide whether to put some money behind him when several other members of its ranks are in similar trouble.

This is a seat which was considered an easy Democrat hold. It isn’t.

You can donate to Ruth’s campaign here.

UPDATE: Maybe this has something to do with why McClung is on the way up:

UPDATE #2: Sarah Palin has endorsed McClung

Ruth McClung is the smart choice for Congress in southwestern Arizona.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that our country is on the wrong track under the leadership of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid; but Ruth actually is a rocket scientist! Ruth’s commonsense fiscal approach to job creation and reining in reckless government spending is in sharp contrast to her opponent’s liberal record. In fact, Ruth is running against a four term incumbent who is so out of touch that he actually called for a boycott of his own constituents. It’s simple: The people of Arizona’s 7th Congressional District deserve better.  Please visit Ruth’s website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. . . .



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