Soundbites about today’s primary election in Louisiana

(UPDATED 10/2 AM) Today is Election Day in Louisiana. About 79,200 have already voted – this figure includes nearly all of the mail in ballots. 25% of early voters were black, and the party breakdown of the early voters was 54-36-10% Democrat/Republican/Independent (party breakdown by parish here).  While the black percentage is relatively high for absentees, it’s worth noting that it’s due to unusual levels of early voting activity in several rural parishes like East Carroll, Madison, Pointe Coupee and Evangeline.  The partisan participation is about equal to that of the 2007 primary – the night Bobby Jindal clinched a first primary victory. Overall, we are not very surprised by the early voting numbers/demographics, because with local elections on  the ballot, we would expect to see an early vote population that more closely mirrors the Louisiana electorate.

For this posting, we’d like to “soundbite” the big statewide/major local elections.

Lt Governor’s race (things to look for)

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John Couvillon is a political consultant. His company is JMC Enterprises of Louisiana, Inc. with expertise in the data analysis aspects of political campaigns, such as poll sample development/analysis, development of targeted voter files for phone canvassing or mail outs, campaign strategy, and demographic consulting. See his site at for more information.



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